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[Activity] Clothing Synthesis

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  • [Activity] Clothing Synthesis

    Servers: All Servers except S1, S6, S10, S12, S17
    Duration: 2/28- 23:59 PM (Server Time) 3/04 (Server Time)

    Description: Synthesize certain level clothing to redeem special rewards!
    • Synthesize any Clothing to level 2 or higher to receive: Soul Crystal x 50 and 100,000 Gold
    • Synthesize any Clothing to level 3 or higher to receive: Crystal x 150 and 300,000 Gold
    • Synthesize any Clothing to level 4 or higher to receive: Crystal x 400 and 600,000 Gold

    Note: You can redeem each level of bonus only once during the event.
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    o.O balens.....
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      How do you synthezise clothes into higher lvl ?


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        Please, do more information about Clothing.

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          simple.. it costs hella balens


          • #6
            how do u do it


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              you buy the piece with balens.. and you buy the piece to synch it with, with balens.. that being said.. you need a shiet ton of balens.. just to add rage


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                I'm thoroughly confused on the clothing thing. My server should have first part of 1.5 tomorrow morning. R2 has two different posts saying you use gold for clothing. The first post of this threads says:

                "Clothing will be accessed by clicking on “Clothing” in the Character panel. Here players will see all available clothing slots as well as two options for crafting: Clothing Synthesis will be used for leveling up clothing, while Clothing Conversion will be used to swap levels between clothing of the same type. Clicking on either of these options will open up the Tailoring panel. While both of these methods of crafting will just use Gold, players can purchase items from the Cash shop to assist with crafting."


                "Clothing Synthesis costs Gold and is used to level up clothing, with the off chance of receiving a rare look. To synthesize clothing, you must first select two pieces of clothing you wish to synthesize"

                I believe it costs balens, but at no point does it say it. So, where does the gold come in?
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                  it does cost balens.. ive asked around s1.. to get lvl 3 clothing it will cost roughly 3500 balens


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                    **** event
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                      It will be give rage? so now warrior and archer can start battle with AOE?! only mag can do this!!!! really not nice!!!!
                      It will be unfair system!


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               seem that clothing system cost a tons of balens again
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                          its not an event.. its an addition


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                            it costs alot of balens.. and yes now archer can start with an AOE thank god


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                              Originally posted by PhenomKABAM View Post
                              it costs alot of balens.. and yes now archer can start with an AOE thank god
                              You got that right. Level the playing field against mages. Been pumping up Mdef like crazy with little effect.

                              Again, why has R2 come out with two separate threads saying it cost gold to level clothes when it clearly does not?
                              Last edited by SirChuck; 02-28-2013, 12:29 AM.