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[Activity] Clothing Synthesis

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  • Originally posted by Mudokon View Post
    You get what you pay for, if you don't pay then you don't get it... simples.
    Yes that is true, but if R2 wants to apply it to Wartune they really need to stop advertising it as a 'free to play' game. With the current status it is NOT, it is a 'free trial' game as the player is severely limited unless the pay. Free Play games certainly do have more for people who pay, but much of it is not game-balance affecting. A non-paying player can play with/against a paying with only a slight disadvantage; in no way is the current situation of steeds, wings, and now clothes even remotely 'slight'.

    Sad really - when greed destroys something good. And yes, I think it is purely greed - as it is not only THAT it costs but the huge AMOUNT that it costs is insane by comparison to other games - even fully pay games.


    • Change the "Free to play" in "Pay to Win" game. Please. This game will be only for pay-players. Right tactics to lose players.


      • Originally posted by ConzA View Post
        im pretty sure clothes should not change when we upgrade them... so it must be bug... and i hope fix for it soon as for good luck charm
        no its intended to change , thats why the conversion , you need to converse your level to a new clothing item and than synthetize the one you dont care to loose the design , and than when to operation is done , to converse again to have the new level add it to the clothes you want to keep.

        But nowhere we have right explanation of how the system work and for now one I stop at level 2 and no plan to level more anymore anything.

        They are also not giving proper information cause they want you to waste money like hell. This compagny is very discusting now


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          • The clothing leveling is not FAIR for ONE REASON ONLY...
            If I spend money on something I wanna be buying what I WANT TO
            and not spend 100 dollars like I did to look like unmatched circus freak...
            Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers!


            • GM i think this event is really aweful especially to those who uses there money to have something good in return.
              Getting rare item through synthesis is something we balens users are really looking forward too, not to tell that it's just a chance to get that rare item.
              like in my case. I've seen mages with there soulseaker's attire by upgrading. So i did the processes. Buy all thing that is necessary.
              Well then to my surprise after upgrading. I got the sanguine attire which i could have just by buying once without synthesis.
              it's just really unfair to those who uses money to get something better.

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              • we should at least get a set of free clothing after all the lagging and freezing **** we get.


                • The chances of having a rare look is ****, you really want the money spenders to spend like hell! All upgrades to higher level should result to new/rare look. With this situation about upgrading it seems like it is a hella waste of money.