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[WT Activity] It Pays to Consume

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  • [WT Activity] It Pays to Consume

    Duration: 3/16 - 3/18 23:59 (Server Time)

    Description: Spend Balens during this event and receive unique rewards!
    • Spend 500 Balens to receive: 100,000 Gold and 50,000 Daru
    • Spend 1,000 Balens to receive: 200,000 Gold, 100,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x10 and Epic Miraculous Shard x15
    • Spend 2,000 Balens to receive: 400,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x20 and Epic Miraculous Shard x25
    • Spend 4,000 Balens to receive: 800,000 Gold, 400,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x40, Epic Miraculous Shard x45 and Fashion Core x1
    • Spend 10,000 Balens to receive: 1,600,000 Gold, 800,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x80, Epic Miraculous Shard x85 and Fashion Core x2
    • Spend 30,000 Balens to receive: 3,200,000 Gold, 1,600,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x200, Epic Miraculous Shard x200 and Fashion Core x3

    Epic Miraculous Shard: Used to exchange for Legendary Stones.
    • Epic Miraculous Shard x1 = Level 40 Legendary Stone x5
    • Epic Miraculous Shard x1 = Level 50 Legendary Stone x2
    • Epic Miraculous Shard x1 = Level 60 Legendary Stone x1

    Note: Rewards can be redeemed from the Hot Events window.

    Click image for larger version

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    can we claim more than one ??

    let say I spend 600$ on these weekend 3/16 to 3/18 .. do we get the MAX reward 2 times ?? or just 1 time only ?


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      Again no crystaloids?? Really?? Dont you think its really unfair to all those ppl who cant ever farm summoner?? ... sooooooooooo dumb...


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        imagine not being able to put money into this game


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          how about instead of doing more events that are ment for these hackers and you start banning people for cheating this game has lost alot of players in the last 2weeks with your chit updates...time to look into server 111 the top 10 there are useing hacks no one spends 20k plus on this game u can easliy tell by there stats there hacking so wake up guys time to ban them or lose even more people


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            i think this was 1x only..
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              question made by wartune 2015 but not answered if we spend 60k balens do we take rewards x2 also ? please respond to this
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                llast time all got 2x rewards, for spending only 1x..
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                  Please respond if its single reward or we get doubble. If its single then *** you thanks!


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                    how will I buy 50k Balens in the shop that has the maximum is 30k?
                    I am Brazilian!


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                      You'll have to buy two recharges and hope that UltimatePay lets you (well, assuming you aren't playing directly on R2 and not on one of the redheaded stepchildren servers).


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                        Click image for larger version

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                        Then I will receive the awards only when the event ends?
                        How many days will it take for me to receive the prizes?


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                          Oh you're on Kong, so I doubt you'll have any problems. Not having to deal with Playspan/UltimatePay is enviable, and Kong will eagerly (and easily) take your money. The only obstacle may be the bank/creditor.

                          The times I've taken advantage of these types of events, I didn't have to wait long for the rewards... a day or two if I remember correctly. It definitely did not take long enough to make me remember having any problems.
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                            I do find this event kinda strange. Normally, the more one spends, the more the rewards.

                            But for this event, the more one spends, the value of the rewards reduced. This is especially so for spending 4,000 balens to 10,000 balens to 30,000 balens.

                            If this event is similar to New server's promotion "It pay to consume!", one would just spend 4,000 balens.
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                              You buy a 30k pack and one 20k pack or 2x 10k pack.

                              You need only problie have 50k one you for get it.
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