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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 03/21 @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • Wartune Weekly Maintenance 03/21 @ 3:00 AM EDT

    Wartune will be having its normal weekly Maintenance on March 21st at 3:00 AM EDT, Midnight PDT, 7:00 AM GMT, and 3:00 PM GMT +8. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 3 to 4 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    NOTE: Please be aware that Astrals Captured, but not claims or sold will be lost during maintenance. If you have Astrals left unclaimed, please claim them before maintenance starts. Thank you.

    We'd also like to invite and encourage all players to join in an IRC chat channel during the server maintenance. The channel will offer a great environment for players of all backgrounds to chat, discuss and debate anything and everything Wartune. The channel is #wartune and can be found on the Quakenet IRC server. For those of you without an IRC client, you may login through webchat at Simply choose a nickname, and enter #wartune as a channel. Thanks and hope to see there!

    UPDATE: Wartune servers are back online! Enjoy the game everyone, and here is this week's Patch Notes:
    • Solo Arena redemption time has been changed.
    • Enhanced Bounty Scrolls are now stackable.
    • A new function has been added to the Astral panel.
    • Fixed an issue with item, 99 Roses.
    • Fixed an issue with the cross-server rank listings.
    • Fixed an issue with the chat box.
    • Fixed an issue with full screen mode.
    This Forum Admin is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone on to other work. He's a stiff. If R2 hadn't ignored him he'd still be employed. Bereft of work he lives in peace. His forum duties are now history. He's off the twig, he's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off these forums, run down the thread count, and joined the ex-R2Games Employees Club. This is an ex-Forum Admin.

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    I hope all the lag will be fix after this maintenanced. Keep the hard work Admin!
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      please fix the affected servers......


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        Everything is permitted.

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          please fix the affected servers...... >-> what happen to Stuck at 7/16?? weh.. log-in all ready??? my account she Stuck ehh. S90 -> Smartload


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            s64 83 87 90..fix all the battles please.


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              nothing about broken servers ?? Wow thats professional...nice customer service....the 2 things this company has lacked since i started this game


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                oh and that would be 6 days of missed events- 18wbs (9M gold &daru) , 6 cata boss (132 crypt tokens & 12 L3 gems) 120 solo duels (vip tokens & potions & runes), 30 plundering (90000 kyanite + gold), 18 MPDs (39M exp + rewards).

                I'm L 61 knight with 44k Br, and I make avg. 500k per wb and make about 3k per plunder, and I get about 2M exp per MOON RUN with L2 exp scroll.
                I know I won't be compensated for all, but I'm about top 40. So use this info to even out the rewards. And make em worth it. Ty.


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                  why R2 just ignore my complain about eggs lost this is really not funny this game started to get worst, i lost more or less 6 pcs. and your Ticket seems to be not working this time! please responds about this issue i like this game but if this will continue i might tell my friends to stop playing wartune because it seems not fair.~!


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                    Can you give any word on the issue with servers 64/83/87/90 please? We all really would like an update...


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                      hey r2 i would like to make a couple of suggestions unlike everyone else but i was wondering new things to add in the game. such as gifting between players and also more items u can buy with vouchers or gold, bigger farming area, and pvp between players like when u clicked on ppls name u could send a invite to pvp. also the same option with spinning in vip for guild spins too please. i have other suggestions as well please feel free to contact me

                      characters name Bigcountry
                      server S8
                      guild GODz
                      age 26
                      knight level 41
                      email given at later time in private


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                        I Hope that R2 team will make a new server for Oceanic.


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                          hello r2..since after the server merge (s-100 i play) the lag is expanded almost in every section of the screens,frozen screens,in battlegrounds in altars in duels in campaigns.this is 9a MUST be fixed cause as y seen many players start quiting and we cant enjoy the game.thank y in advance


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                            1- Fix the GB very laggy
                            2- Fix the Stun need more time to use it
                            3- Fix the Astro its impossible to collect good astro
                            4- Doding Atsro not working
                            5- Black Screen
                            6- BG Laggy
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                              Originally posted by saifsalah View Post
                              2- Fix the Stun need more time to use it
                              They already up'd the cooldown on Holy Seal.