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[Announcement] Wartune Server Merges 04/18 @ 10:00 PM EDT

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  • [Announcement] Wartune Server Merges 04/18 @ 10:00 PM EDT

    A server merge is scheduled for Thursday the 18th of April, beginning at 10:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM for PST, 3:00 AM GMT and 10:00 AM GMT +8 on April 19th). These servers will be down for approximately 4 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. Please watch this thread for any updates or changes. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes to the merge.

    The following servers to be merged are:
    • Undead Swamp (S13), and The Forgotten Dune (S21) will merge with Reaper's Illusion (S24), Orc Plains (S27), and Undead Pit (S33).
    • Nightmare Dungeon (S30) and The Graveyard (S36), will merge with Borugham Forest (S168) and Rocky Trenches (S120).
    • Mireworth Keep (S86) and Emmore Ravine (S89), will merge with Cainhorn Palace (S101) and Demon's Rill (S104).
    • Baylon Plains (S26) and The Claristun (S35), will merge with Bloody Coliseum (S29) and Chaos Field (S32), and also merged with Death Garden (S41) and Tauren Camp (S47).
    • Immortal Ruins (S16) and Desert of Despair (S22), will merge with Narlington Field (S57) and Laeves Fort (S60), and also merged with Deershade (S122).
    • Heroic Stadium (S28) and Demonic Crypt (S31), will merge with Soul Stade (S34) and The Bloodlands (S37).
    • Temple of Saliora (S43) and Starford Fortress (S54), will merge with Mallowcrest (S124) and Drow Meadow (S157).
    In order to avoid the loss of any character information, please refrain from making any new characters on these servers until after the merge has been completed.

    To help with potential name conflicts, we will be removing unused characters that fit the following strict guidelines:
    • A character must not have logged in within the last 45 days.
    • Be under level 12 and their castle must be on the Twilight Coast.
    • Have no Balens.
    • Have no record of ever recharging.
    • Not be in a guild.
    Only a character who meets all five of the conditions above will be deleted.

    All character data will be preserved (including items, skills, pets, stats, mounts, Gold, Honor, Honor ranking, Daru, Kyanite, Balens, Vouchers, level, Battle Ranking, Academy information, Friend lists, Astrals and VIP statuses). Guild membership, friends and black listed players will be preserved. Current quest progress will also be preserved. The only thing that will change is that all player's Castles will move to Twilight Coast. The Server Rankings list will be cleared, but will repopulate the next time it updates after the merge is complete.

    Character Names:
    1. A character's name will only be changed if characters on different servers have the same name. In that case, the character on the newer server will have -S## added to the end of their name. For Example: RoryWilliams on Boneyard (S17) would be RoryWilliams-S17 after the merge, but only if there was a RoryWilliams on S12.
    2. Upon logging into your character after the merge, if your name was changed to include -S17, a popup window will open up allowing you the chance to change your name. To continue the example, RoryWilliams-S17 would log in and get a window asking to change his name. He could change it to RoryPond and the -S17 would be removed from his name.
    Guild Names:
    1. A Guild's name will only be changed if guilds on different servers have the same name. In that case, the guild leader of the guild on the newer server will get a popup window upon logging in to change the name of their guild.
    2. Should the guild leader choose not to change the name of their guild, they will not be able to access their guild interface. Attempts to access the guild interface will only open the name change popup until the Guild's name is changed.
    3. Guild members will also be unable to access their guild interface until the name is changed.
    After the Server Merge, the Official Website, server names, and login entrance will remain the same. Players will login to their character though their original server. If a player has a character on both servers, you will continue to access the same character associated with a particular server as before the merge.

    We also have some special events and promotions just for the merged servers!


    Legends of Balenor

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 the sixth day following the server merge

    Description: Do you have what it takes to be a legendary hero of Wartune? Raise your Battle Rating and stay within the Top 10 and be showered with rewards!
    • Top 1 – 3 Players: 5,000,000 Gold, 2,000,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x 100 and Soul Crystal x 300
    • Top 4 – 10 Players: 2,000,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x 30 and Soul Crystal x 100
    Guild Battle Bundle

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 the third day following the server merge.
    Level Requirement: Level 30

    Description: Due to the recent server merge, the Guild Battle for this week has been suspended until next week. As compensation, all players level 30 and above will receive a pack, containing the following items:
    • Insignia x 400
    • Soul Crystal x 30
    Log-in Pack

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 the third day following the server merge
    Level Requirement: Level 30

    Description: All players level 30 and above may receive a special Log-in Pack, containing the following items:
    • 500,000 Gold
    • 200 Coupons
    • Bull Horn x1
    • Lvl. 5 Rage Rune x5
    • Lvl. 5 Endurance Potion x2
    • Lvl. 5 Charisma Potion x2
    Note: This pack may only be claimed once.

    It Pays to Recharge!

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 the third day following the server merge

    Description: Thinking of purchasing some Balens? If you recharge within the first three days following the server merge, you will receive BONUS items. The bonus items are as follows:
    • Recharge 500 Balens: 10,000 Daru
    • Recharge 1000 Balens: 30,000 Daru, and 1,000 Kyanite
    • Recharge 2000 Balens: 100,000 Daru, 2,500 Kyanite and Soul Crystal x 5
    • Recharge 4000 Balens: 250,000 Daru, 6,000 Kyanite and Soul Crystal x 15
    • Recharge 10000 Balens: 1,000,000 Daru, 20,000 Kyanite and Soul Crystal x 50
    • Recharge 30000 Balens: 3,500,000 Daru, 70,000 Kyanite and Soul Crystal x 200
    1. Upon recharging, you will receive a pack. The more times you recharge, the more packs you will receive.
    2. You will only receive ONE pack based on Balens recharged.
    3. Item packs are sent to your in-game mail inbox.
    4. All items are bound.
    This Forum Admin is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone on to other work. He's a stiff. If R2 hadn't ignored him he'd still be employed. Bereft of work he lives in peace. His forum duties are now history. He's off the twig, he's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off these forums, run down the thread count, and joined the ex-R2Games Employees Club. This is an ex-Forum Admin.

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    wooooot xD
    ♡♥♡Loves Vocaloids♡♥♡

    (S57)Narlington Field


    • #3
      ***? stop merging servers and fix the known issues first -.-


      • #4
        ***???? 157 barely 2 months old??? and your gonna merge us with servers 43 and 54??? that really sucks!!! first you got us that DNS problem, well theres LAG problem before that!!!

        and now your gonna make us 157 guys look like kids gettin us merged with such very old server!! waw R2GAMES you guys sucks!!!


        • #5
          *** s122 with this servers big defference between us and them


          • #6
            *** totally agreed with R26142433. s43 and s157 are almost 6 MONTHS apart!!! Highest level in s157 is 59 and there are almost 10 70+ in s43???

            This is beyond unfair. If you continue with this merge I am sure many people will quit. Cashers and VIPs especially since you screwed us over big time this time R2. Probably the worst gaming company I have ever come across.


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              hi realprince
              ♡♥♡Loves Vocaloids♡♥♡

              (S57)Narlington Field


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                finnaly we have merge


                • #9
                  lol hi adelin xD
                  ♡♥♡Loves Vocaloids♡♥♡

                  (S57)Narlington Field


                  • #10
                    where are the rest of activities and promotions ?!......


                    • #11
                      r2games where u put u brain in foot? s157 nearly 2 month merges with s43? if mergers with s124 s54 still can consider it


                      • #12
                        yeah this suck


                        • #13
                          use ur brain ****** **** s157 is new argh *** u


                          • #14
                            S157 merge with Server that are of higher lvl ? OMG this sucks .


                            • #15
                              Please EXCLUDE s157 from this madness!
                              Heto (s157)
                              AngryHeto (s43)