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[Activity] Bonus Bounty!

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    Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
    They're just adding activities that eat up even more of our precious time which we don't have to spend on getting that 10 additional bounty. I fail to appreciate that since it's not a bonus in my opinion. Not everyone can sit in front of their coms to play 24/7 on this game. We do have things to do in RL and having such an activity eats even more of our time out of our busy schedule. If they really want our appreciation, at least have an activity that isn't time consuming. At least with additional crypt runs we can still blitz it and go do our own stuff without it taking up more of our time. They use to have it during early server days, but now all they do is keep on creating more n more useless and time consuming activity. Their brains r probably deteriorating from all the $$$ they're getting from everyone who stupidly pays more n more for this game.
    You want an event that doesn't spend time. So what's the purpose of gaming?
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