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[Announcement] Wartune's One Year Anniversary!!!

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  • nice surprice


    • Happy birthday R2
      longevity, more mature, and more bonus pls
      Name Char : NamakuErika

      Game: Wartune

      Current Level: 65

      Server: [S197]

      Guild : OBLIVION

      Class: Archer


      • i will get the dragon bwahahahaha


        • Happy Birthday Wartune r2....

          hope socketing rod make a lower prize in shop ^_^ for birthday gift....
          IGN : ♥LeLa♥
          Server: S204 Royal Basin
          Class : Mage
          Level : lvl70
          Guild : Dymension


          • nice post.. great..
            whuLand (Archer)
            FEATHAERSTORM [209]
            You will fun if you know who am i...


            • nice event agen for cashers, non cashers agen gona get ........ u need to think les for money ore your game gona die. a lot players stopt to play game becouse of insane cashers. its not fun any more to play this game, u cant reach hiher br, cant be stronger if u dont spend money. on your anniversary u dont have game scrols sum usles insignia what we can get from arena ore guild battle.


              • I will get the pig, that will + 10 stats to me T.T
                "Strange things happen to those who don't drink Wilkins."


                • Happy Birthday Wartune Click image for larger version

Name:	thumbnailCAAHIU91.jpg
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                  Mage's Rock


                  • Happy B-Day Wartune ! A little something for non-cashers would be nice ! All the best ))


                    • Happy birthday been only a week playing this and reminds me of the good ole days of neverwinter nights rock on.
                      Server: 306 Bleakmoor
                      Guild: Avatars
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                      ― Stephen King


                      • For all the mmorpg games I played, they really give freebies to players in some form be it for cash or non-cash players. It is a time of giving back to players so more/new people will join the game. It is your anniversary and I suggest perhaps something like anniversary mount or something? It will gives players something to remember of and to keep it from getting abuse, account created more than 1 month will get it in their mail. R2, please look after your players aka customers and don't focus so much on money.


                        • let me calculate it
                          1 beast mark = 10 aniv gift
                          pig = 200 aniv gift
                          hawkstrader = 400
                          razor dragon =800
                          non cash player will get approximately 176 aniv gift -187 aniv gift (if im not miscalculate it)


                          • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                            Anniversary Login Bonus!

                            Duration: 8/5 - 8/11 23:59:59 (Server Time)

                            Description: Login every day for the duration of this event and receive great rewards!

                            • Non-VIP: 100,000 Gold, Anniversary Seal x3, Lvl. 1 - Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1
                            • VIP: :100,000 Gold, Anniversary Seal x3 ,Lvl. 1- Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1, VIP Token x10, Lvl. 1- Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x1
                            when you are going to fix login reword?


                            • This event is totally for heavy cashers. You could have managed to make more player friendly anniversary event.


                              • can we (non-casher) get the mount from event?
                                Aprillya (S209)
                                guild -> Dymension
                                BR : pathetic
                                am noob

                                proud to be knight :cool: