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[Promotion] It Pays to Consume - Anniversary Edition!

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  • [Promotion] It Pays to Consume - Anniversary Edition!

    Duration: 8/7 - 8/9 23:59:59 (Server Time)

    • R2 Games: S1- S285
    • Kongregate: S1 - S12
    • Armor Games: S1 - S6
    • Kabam: S1 - S32

    Description: Use Balens to purchase items in the Shop and be showered with unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Balens spent during the promotion – NOT total Balens purchased.
    • Spend 500 Balens to receive: 100,000 Gold, 100,000 Daru, Anniversary Seal x1
    • Spend 2,000 Balens to receive: 200,000 Gold, 3,000 Kyanite, Baroque Tophat x1, Anniversary Seal x2
    • Spend 5,000 Balens to receive: 400,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Crypt Token x150, Anniversary Seal x5
    • Spend 10,000 Balens to receive: 800,000 Gold, 10,000 Kyanite, Twisted Baroque x1, Bounty Scroll Pack x3, Beast Mark x1
    • Spend 20,000 Balens to receive: 1,600,000 Gold, 800,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x100, Fashion Core x3, Beast Mark x2
    • Spend 30,000 Balens to receive: 3,200,000 Gold, 50,000 Kyanite, Lvl. 4 Gem Pack x3, Good Luck Charm x5, Death by Baroque x1, Beast Mark x5

    Note: Rewards can be redeemed from the Hot Events window.
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    woow this time need 30k balens for Baroque set loooool
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      wooow ) at 30k spent you should get the dragon not 5 marks lolz


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        Gonna have to go with the Majority here and thanks. Definitely not worth it.
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          total non sense pay to consume event


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              So the 2 times I have spent the max balens on one of these, was when we got legend stones and when we got the mount. The rest of these have been very underwhelming and not worth the money.


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                woot, 300 USD for 8 Beast Mark...

                Not to mention this comes out AFTER players already spend on buying Packs...
                (we sure didn't see this coming - should have guessed it since R2 is greedy... doh?)


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                  Why was this Event not mentioned together with the other events?

                  I hope Cashers who support this game, see right through this ploy, I truly hope they band together and not spend for this event.

                  Your drop rates are broken. And ploy's like this are very disrespectful to your paying customers.

                  Its not even about the balens spent anymore, its more about customers being treated with such callousness.

                  So many have already spent balens on the Anniversary Boxes that have horrible drop rates, now you bring a phantom event to rub their faces in it.
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                    Originally posted by maxvain View Post

                    Your drop rates are broken.
                    WIN!!! So true
                    Drop rate are ****!!!!!!


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                      Simply sad, nothing on that list worth the money.
                      The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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                        I agree totally. Why the heck wasn't this event listed with the rest? I've already spent a fortune, thank you very much. R2games, if you keep hurting your players like this who are you going to have left?


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                          During the event, you can collect about 300 Anniversary Seals for free, which is 30 Beast Marks. So you need 50 more for the mount. The only situation where I would even consider buying those packs if they would give Beast Mark instead of Anniversary Seal. In that case, the new mount would cost 3000 balens, many would say its' an okay price. But as it is now, you need not 50, but about 250 packs (if it gives beast mark 1 in 10?), that's 15000 balen for a +30 mount. Whoever thought that "worth it" and bought any anniversary pack possessess riches beyond reasons. So if you did the math, and still decided to buy the packs, and now you are surprised there is a "pay to consume" promotion too (there is ALWAYS one) you made the mistake.

                          I suggest everyone that before buying into any promotion blindly, do the math. Also, set limits for yourself. I suggest 2 limits: spending per month, and balen per stat. For example, say 30-50 USD per month max (still much more than most online games!) and 5-7 balen per +1 stat (so a +10 mount is max. 1000-1500 balen, a +20 is 2000-3000 etc. If they want to sell to you 4xlvl3 gem for 250 balens, thats +5 stat for 250 balens, 50 balen per stat, doesnt worth it).
                          My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:


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                            Baroque set must be free to get


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                              Very pathetic rewards not worth spending at all.Nice try .