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[Promotion] Soul Collector's Pack

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    i got black screen who can fix this problem


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      This is bad


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        yeah this freaking game is expensive man prices r obsurd


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          Originally posted by dullweep View Post
          yeah this freaking game is expensive man prices r obsurd
          well we must get 1 thing, thay probably geting more money from player like Zebq than from 1000 of players who are spending 20-100$ per month... so as long thay have players like Zebq i doubt thay will change prizes... the problem is, Zebq is running out of players to play with and against with... soo i guess thay will soon have to put imaginary (company) players to play with him

          dont get me wrong, i dont have nothing against Zebq and other huge cashers, its their money and thay can do whatever that want with it.... but without support of tham in here we cant change anything... so we are left with couple options... or stop playing or stop paying....
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          Guild - TBA lol
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          Skill - Noob


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            omg just omg greeedy bastards naah im not spending cash for thet **** anymore =))


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              As soon as last month's engraving event ended, I started saving every single soul crystal I got, betting that next month would see the same thing. I was right. 1000 soul crystals later, and the way I see it...I just saved $80. Coincidentally, I'm also stocking mount whips for the next time R2 gets the bright idea to try and create an event in order to sell us those. Play smarter, not harder.


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                i want to say something many players from my servers S26 - S47 are quit or boring for wartune we need pay VIP, mounts or clothes events, it pays for sonsume event, and we get? = yea baby bad promotions we need keys pack, why gemz pack? lool crypt keys is better for gain more gems in catacombs many players are happy with wings promotions yeah and need more nice promotions like that.


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                  This Pack rip off money. Not worth to buy it >.<
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