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Wartune Emergency Maintenance for August 19th @ 8:10 AM EDT

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    you all should be used to it by now, not like this is the first time an emergency maintenance has taken longer then expected. And the patch probably be at next main maintenance. S1 here, and bg stink without the other servers, only like 9 people in them
    SERVER:S1 THE BEST :cool:
    GUILD: MythGrove AGAIN THE BEST in my opinion,and havoc the second best, but all you traitors stink, you know who you are :D
    If you have a problem, come get some.

    also always blame Princearthas


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      all I know is I would love to be able to accomplish something today now that most of the day is over...I hope s30 will be back online in time for Guild Battles now that my whole Guild has mised out on a day of Br building


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        Alright enough is enough, Can we get an UPDATE?! I mean thats simple get one of you moderators to pop in and go, oh by the way we expect servers to be up and running in roughly, ?-? time, we apologize for the inconvenience and blatant lack of respect to our players. I have now decided to discontinue spending money on a game that CANNOT and WILL NOT apparently speak to their players about trouble they have apparently run into and how long it make take them to fix. I'm on server S30 as well with several people but its not the fact that server is down thats bothering me its the blatant lack of respect to us as gamers that you can't give an update 9 hours later! You're gonna end up ruining a good game for many of us.


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          sever 30 us west ??? elvisomega


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            I logged in but not seeing any compensation pack in-game ??


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              What type of in game items are you going to give us for being down not 3 hours but freaking 8 hours on Kabam server 25.

              Originally posted by R2_George View Post
              Wartune will be having an Emergency Maintenance for the following servers at 8:10 AM EDT:

              Kabam: S21, S23, S25, S27, S28, S30
              R2: S162, S171, S246, S307, S310, S313

              Downtime is only expected to take 2-8 hours. We apologize for the brief interruption in game play while we perform some critical work for these servers.

              Due to the unexpected long-time maintenance,we have made a compensation pack in-game. Please log in and collect it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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                While I agree that they could have done a better job on updating on the progress remember than emergency maintenance is for emergency reasons only.
                I expect you'll be compensated handsomely as soon as they have fixed everything =)
                *looney mage addict*

                lvl80 Mage
                S444 Silent Arena


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                  I am in S23. Logged in and did not get any compensation.
                  Would the moderator please explain this?

                  Lvl 64 Mage
                  Champions Guild
                  S23 Kabam


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                    To collect the compensation, please click on the Hot Event icon, select the Event Prizes tab, and then collect the compensation as shown below:

                    Click image for larger version

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                      MemoryLane. Could I ask what this compensation is for these servers? Just a little curious as to what people will get after such a long downtime
                      *looney mage addict*

                      lvl80 Mage
                      S444 Silent Arena