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[Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance August 20th @ 10:00 PM EDT

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  • i know. im not a casher. a true non casher with no wings/balens.


    • Originally posted by SolidCrow View Post
      i know. im not a casher. a true non casher with no wings/balens.
      Like me, that's why I know all the ups and downs of a non-casher and what we have to deal with.

      As such, I can actually complain from non-casher side about things.
      (because cashers... will not understand and will just keep on telling you to get balens or the "free offer" that doesn't really work for most people)

      Until these casher actually play non-cash characters, they won't know how it actually feels to play one
      (for more than 3 month, zero vip, zero balen, zero wing, only get clothing and mount from events, no balen events - and do this starting from a "New Server" and not older server)

      ^ that is what I had when I started playing this game, also... since it was my first character, I had no previous knowledge on farming or how the game works in different things, such as PvP or Summoner.

      In fact... I still have yet to do any summoners because I didn't know that's where you farmed Crystaloid at... (now that I think about it... it's probably why I always have low amounts of Crystaloids), so now I can't make any PvE pieces, and Crypt just sucked as you won't have anywhere near enough Crypt Token (1600 for level 50 ring/jewel, 1200 for level 50 legend, 6000 for horse) Non-casher can't get them easily, especially on completing 100 levels of Crypt at current version where you have limited Rune uses, especially for non-casher that only have Brutality, Blood, and Heal. (and it was already mentioned in the "show your archer thread" I couldn't clear it until I was 55 with 55 set and Templars)
      After reaching level 59 and getting enough Token to buy the ring/jewel/horse, I only have 40 Crypt Token left... LOL, no where enough to getting enough to craft Legend.

      My challenge is to obtain Imperial or Lord Divine at level 59 without Cash, LOL
      Wonder how long this'll take me...
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      • good luck anichaos! It is doable! This is coming from a non casher who is attempting to go for lvl 60 pve and lvl 70 trinkets!


        • If summons dont give 3x drop but only 1x this makes it even harder to get that lvl 60 gear... lol so i just waisted balens for loid pack FOR NOTHING cause it takes forever and could have other use for 700 balens...
          Last edited by Hysterical88; 08-20-2013, 07:12 PM.


          • can i apply as proofreader for future announcements before they are posted to the users? it is evident that no one is doing this...


            • Auction-house wont be till patch 2:00 witch is next after this patch soo it should be here next year.
              & also i heard that the summoner was changed to 50 attempts instead of 25 not sure tho.

              see alot of people asking so had to reply.


              Character: Stronmer
              Server: s14 kabam
              Class: Knight
              Br: 88k Lvl: 70
              Status: Elite noob.


              • who cares if you are a casher or non casher. Neither make you superior than others. Just bc you play this game as a non casher doesn't make you any better of a person. Again just bc you have the ability to not have a job, school, etc and play this game 24/7 doesn't mean everyone else can too. Sorry if that offended you but thats the truth. THis game takes way too much time and should be fun to play. Not a chore to get things done for the daily tasks. A lot of things need to be shrunk down in time not just mp attempts. Lastly, whts done is done. None of your complaining will change anything. 99% of this stuff comes from 7roads so if you don't like it complain to them. If you don't want to complain to 7 roads and still dont like this new change. Then you have two options deal with it or quit the game.
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                • why must there be set times on bg's and tanks anyway? why not have an open random multi server que at anytime so people can do them at there convenience / just throwing something out there that would sure help alot of people that can not play all day also, I miss most bg's and tanks almost everyday due to work and rl things. would be nice to be able to jump on and go to a bg (limited to 6-8 attempts per day as it is now) at anytime.Also Group arenas as they are set times too and multi sever why not available at anytime ? Is this to hard to be done be dev's ?
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                  • they said 7pm pst time so it will be tonight


                    • Sorry, but that's **** that we can only run Dungeons once per day and the summon items are not multiplied. That will take people FOREVER to get their gear synthed and legend. Way to screw over, everyone.


                      • A garbage update,,,when you erase the new cash options being released,,,there is basically no update at all,,,just an elimination of drop chances with only 1 MPD per day,,,

                        They should be ashamed of themselves,,,,


                        • Originally posted by Hysterical88 View Post
                          If summons dont give 3x drop but only 1x this makes it even harder to get that lvl 60 gear... lol so i just waisted balens for loid pack FOR NOTHING cause it takes forever and could have other use for 700 balens...
                          I made a comment on another thread regarding Key Runs. Seems like this is the topic most ppl seem to moan about. x50 summons per run that -10 than the old system. For those who have played long enough they can remember when there was no limit daily. If you and 3 others had 5k keys u cud sit there for hours using them. Then R2 changed it to 5! You guys are crying over -10?????!!!!! when most of you prob are lucky to do 1 key run per week!!!!!!! Seriously, wake the ** up to yourself and get over it.

                          1 MP run per day saves lots of time. On the lvl 70 NM mp's saves like an hour at least. The rewards aren't just "tripled" like advertised, it's more. Old system you got 1 Leg Stones per boss, x2 thats 2 per run and if you were lucky u got 2 off card draw so pretty much u got 2-4 per run. Now u get 5 per boss x2 and if lucky 6 on card draw so 10-16. Multiply the difference (6 guaranteed stones) by 7 days in the week and guess what, u gain an extra 42 stones per week under the new system. Which is probably more than the 10 summons u lose per run (unless u have tons of keys saved up). So pls, stop crying over what you obviously didn't even research. The new system actually allows you to get ur sets faster, if u ppl read before u complained you would know this.

                          On the topic of finding a party on a dead server for mp's. Seriously I don't even know if this moronic statement deserves a response. Ok, so finding a party for 3 mp's per day on a dead server is hard. So cutting it to 1 mp per day makes it harder? I really don't get this logic. I assume most intelligent ppl would also come to the conclusion that decreasing the time required to do something when ppl are limited would be a good thing. Apparently you think otherwise. Maybe you should file a ticket suggesting R2 make it 50 mp's a day and by your rational you should have ppl queu'ing up to run mp's with you. Really your logic is just silly.

                          On a side note, I'm sure there are ppl who could only do Lych NM while on wc, so now with the change instead of only being able to clear 1 mp for stones a day they get the full rewards. Maybe I should start a thread moaning I'm being hard done by because I'm losing my advantage over them. And I could even go back further and moan about how much quicker ppl can get their 60 sets when I had to grind through 3 mp's a day for less rewards. Seriously ppl stop crying over your 40 and 50 sets its just pathetic. Because I'm sure had the change not happened, once u hit 70 you would be moaning about how long it took to get the 70 set....which has no summoner.
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                          • They have a wrong time... LOL
                            :cool: --Keep Calm and Stay High-- :cool:


                            • So from what I read, people actually think having 100 MP attempts with 1/100 of the current drop is the good idea? (i.e every 10 MP attempt, you get 1 loid. The MP attempts are counted cumulatively).
                              I'm referring to Jerry53 or whatever his name is.
                              Officially retired from Wartune and Forums.
                              [No longer logging in]


                              • Yea I do not get what they are trying to say either. They think by having more attempts to do the current dead server will not be as dead anymore or something. If the server is dead and people don't want to help you out. They arn't going help you out if there is 100 attempts or 1 attempt. Find a steady group to go with and you be fine. I have no problem finding a party during the day for my attempts and my server is dead.