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September Hall of Fame

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  • Originally posted by R2476473 View Post
    Well, they are out now so hopefully people will quit complaining, although knowing the people on here, they will soon find something else small and insignificant to whinge about
    They are out WHERE?..a lot of usstill havent seen any signs and kinda miss out on chance to do the event (clothing one) so stop that nonsense its totally unacceptable to run an event and some of us cant get the benefits of a months hard (AND XPENSIVE) work...we actually pay to play this game


    • S165 no one has recived any rewards seriously and the bgs are semy full with ppl with apollo wings!


      • thanks GM!,though too late but you meet her end as well, better late than not at all, thank you so much
        * Click image for larger version

Name:	rewE.jpg
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        • why I did not get the prize .. while I have the BR 63K++

          [58] Lambridge Stronghold


          • Originally posted by phoenix_pinion View Post
            thanks GM!,though too late but you meet her end as well, better late than not at all, thank you so much
            * [ATTACH=CONFIG]58283[/ATTACH]
            when did you get it??? date time? is it now or few hours ago???


            • Click image for larger version

Name:	Leony 29 Sept 2013 - 62K BR.jpg
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ID:	1676113
              Why I didn't get the reward?
              Wing apollo?


              • Dear GM!

                I'm playing in server 246 (Thornwatch). Character name: Achilles(Top Mage).
                My server 246(merged with 250) have'nt got any rewards from Hall of Fame event.
                We have been waiting too long. Does GM know this problems ?
                We are waiting for an apology from GM and compensation if GM still respect us as customers.
                If not, we must quit playing this game.
                What is going on in game these days? Only lag and lag and irresposibility from GM.
                I have been trying to get 75K BR and what have I got at the end of this event?
                Only disgraceful feeling left.
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                • 7 hour the of event cloth ( special tailor) . Where the reward zzz .


                  • please R2 check s119 char name skyfire I got 62k br + and not received yet wings please check my char pleaseee


                    • Finally delivered Armor Games S1 15 min ago


                      • why not me whyyy :@@::@:@@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@@:@:@:@


                        • hi,

                          i made a discussion thread about the ongoing issue here

                          and i made a thread where to put your screenshot here

                          this is to keep the posts together.

                          i will be closing this thread
                          Last edited by liquid_oxygen; 10-07-2013, 07:02 AM.
                          if you or anyone has further questions please feel free to PM me or any other moderator.

                          Kind regards Liquid_oxygen

                          then click on ¨click here¨
                          then click on support