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    Originally posted by DELVISON View Post
    Insignias and Crypt is one of the few things that Cashers and non-Cashers players are equal, so it won't be a nice idea to give more to who have more. It will only be abusive.
    Hmm.. Not quite exactly true... Those with cash can buy Crypt Keys to the tune of 75 Balen - which, of course, doubles your crypt run rewards. Those who do not cash have to depend on the luck of the draw at the Guild Altar and the extremely rare occasion one might drop from a chest somewhere. So all things being "equal" - not so much.

    As far as insignia goes.. To a degree, that's somewhat true. Cashers do have it slightly easier as they can buy stuff - like clothing - that the poor and unwashed non-paying masses have very limited access to. And having 3 items of clothing gives a player a significant boost those without don't have - +15 initial rage. Wings also boost stats and make the game a bit easier than it is for everyone else. Unfortunately, cashers sometimes tend to be clueless about how the game works and they're weaker than they should be - but hey, they look darn good doing so...


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      santeti vreun roman pe aici?


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        Well , looking in that perspective, you are so right, the only left Theory is if your not casher, play hard to get 10% of Low cashers power, maybe you can find some of them that are still weaker than a non-casher player, that doesn`t use the Balens good, and you have luck to beat them, but the rest, overgo about your 3-4 months effort, in only one, so i delete the last post`s meaning, Crypt and Arena, aren`t equal in cashers and non-cashers players, like everything else, i thought the only thing that is equal in that , But now with the ``Spin all`` for lvl6 VIPs, the World chat is full of [!@#$] Got a Crypt key, [!@#$] got a socketing rod, only in a single spin, thats great... well this doesn`t make me change my mind about the unbalance , this made it worse :/