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[Promotion] Sepulcrum Pack

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  • [Promotion] Sepulcrum Pack

    Duration: 11/9 - 11/10 23:59 (Server Time)

    R2Games: S1 - S370
    Armor Games: S1 - S6
    Kabam: S1 - S45

    Sepulcrum Pack I:
    Sylph Sepulcrum x5
    Price: 199 Balens. Limit of 200 per day.

    Sepulcrum Pack II:
    Sylph Sepulcrum x50
    Price: 1950 Balens. Limit of 20 per day.
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    whats the sylph in second pack?


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      Originally posted by R28596465 View Post
      whats the sylph in second pack?
      Thats a good Question....

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        Please be aware that no actual Sylphs are in these boxes, just the Sylph Sepulcrums.
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          Problem is, people have no clue what do the "aptitude" stats do, which the Sepulcrums increase. Do they affect awakened stats? If yes, how? So if you buy 1000 Sepulcrum, maybe your character will be 0.0001% stronger, maybe 1% stronger, maybe it does nothing at all just makes your Sylph stronger in sylph arena. So if R2games can sell a lot of something people don't even know what it is used for, they are true sales geniues
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            The Sepulcrums increase the base stats of your Slyph.

            This contributes to your own BR and the awakened stats of the Slyph.
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              1 Sepulcrum is about 0,5 to 2 sylph BR depends of type, rarity and statistic.
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                These sepulcrum are way over priced for what they do, and should be able to be bought with gold, not cash. Also, they new balens that took the place of vouchers are a rip off too.


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                  guys....pls do something with this lag....


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                    tottaly agree with this guy,PLSSSSSS JUST REMOVE LAG ((((((((((((((


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                      Just wait for the anti lag cards soon in shop xD.


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                        I see that this conversation is kind of going off the beaten path, but as for the lag, download the newest version of Adobe Flash Player. I was lagging like crazy in GB, but everything was fine after I downloaded it.
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                          i really hate those packs .. i am sylth champ and has been a good fight with 2nd place and now he brought max packs . i ain't buying them
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                            oh is the same case in my server, some people need to spend money just to be top in everything, is a play to win game what to do, enjoy what you have
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                              Fix lag please ! After this patch i'm moving like slow motion :/