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[Promotion] Runestone Pack

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  • [Promotion] Runestone Pack

    Duration: 12/3 - 12/4 23:59 (Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 - S383
    • Armor Games: S1 - S6
    • Kabam: S1 - S53

    Description: Available for only a short period of time, select Runestone packs will be on sale in the Shop!

    Runestone Pack I - Runestone x10
    Price: 349 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.
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    Runestones ????? what good are these when you make it imposable to get the ACTUAL Runes. Plus you make getting them very friggin expensive. Tired of wasting money since we get NO value for it.


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      1000 Runestones for 34900 balens ($349).
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        **** deal... get 2x that from daily tank... ***?

        let us buy runes!!! amnesia, chaos, etc!


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          Would rather have mounts for sale put an event up for wildfire please


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            Originally posted by Numbsouls View Post
            **** deal... get 2x that from daily tank... ***?

            let us buy runes!!! amnesia, chaos, etc!
            They are in the mystery shop:P
            You can either have
            A: 2k balens and looooads of patience
            B: looooads of balens and no patience.


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              yeah its truely hard to find runes and then.... what r runestones for if they cannot be used


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                Reasonable promotion please

                Right now most of active player can run Nightmare Mode and got more rune stone in a week.

                Change size to medium is better.

                Ps. Thank you very much top 5 player, for your kindness
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                  It seems they didn't fired the dude that takes care of the promotions yet, just when you think it can't possible be worse BANG !


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                    The "promotions" are getting worse when it's already bad..


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                      maybe any1 idiot fix *** lagg


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                        As much as I would like to get theses "great" items that are be offered I have yet to get a single one,
                        yet certain people seem to get them with there first purchase. That is not conjecture that is fact. On one offer I
                        went ahead and spent $100 to get the mount and did not get it as I watch people boast all around me of getting it
                        and did with in hours of the offer
                        I work hard for my money. I don't mind spending it for what I consider value in return. As the posts before me I say the same
                        why spend money on something I know I will not get or that I will get what I do not need.
                        Its a no brainer. No R2 I will not play your shell game and have not in 5 months.


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                          fix your server first before having lots of promotions. Your promotions are unreasonable prices.


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                            what is the point of this event? I meant it doesn't make any sense, we got around 20 runestones from tank. this event/promo is totally nonsense and overpriced.

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                              not everyone can run tok nm mode. on kabam server there are a few teams of top players that barely run it