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[Activity] Piles of Stinky Socks

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  • If you find a way to miss the reindeer, you really [uhum]. Think I found enough socks to buy 3 reindeer.
    Last edited by liquid_oxygen; 12-30-2013, 04:13 AM.


    • i get many many many many socks in this event only with catacombs blits and campaign i get to mount and mahras and kyanite =)

      Click image for larger version

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      • i got a total of 95 socks during event its pretty easy to get mount if you were on everyday socks were going on


        • I had over 150, it was a very easy event, hope many more like this ^^.
          Player Class: Archer
          Battle Rating : 162k+

          ^ Manly purple!


          • BTW, ppls that is asking for more socks...

            are those that did not use any Crypt Key or got bad luck in opening the socks.

            Those that did regular Catacomb only gets half of those that did, so ppls with 150 socks, these ppls would only have 75

            Than there are those with bad luck like this: "i got like 63 colorful decor, for 53 colorful socks.."

            Where the person gets lots more decor drops than colorful, which sucks I know.

            Also if you really wanted Stinky Socks, you should have Blitz Burado's Grave, it gave me up to 3 socks per blitz.

            But telling this is useless now, cause Stinky Socks aren't dropping anymore.


            • I jut need two more socks to get the reindeer. Had very bad luck opening them. Please, one more day. Please


              • I didnt do burador cause i dont slow lvl anymore and i got 185 socks and 183 decor and 30 mahra gold daru kyanite didnt count Wasnt bad event. To make you more jelaus i got in lat 40 hours 4red and 6yellow astrals no joke lol. When ws event i didnt get any red as usually did 1 day before hehe