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[Announcement] Emergency Maintenance 12/16 11:50 PM PST

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  • [Announcement] Emergency Maintenance 12/16 11:50 PM PST

    Wartune will be having an Emergency Maintenance for the following servers on December 16th at 11:50 PM PST:

    Kabam: S21, S23, S25, S27, S28, S30

    R2games: S162, S165, S168, S171, S174, S177, S180, S183, S246, S250, S253, S255, S258, S261, S264, S367, S370, S373, S376

    We expect servers to be down for 1 to 2 hours. We would like to apologize for this issue and appreciate player's patience while we work to improve the game. After maintenance is over, please check the hot events section for a compensation package contains the following items:

    • 100,000 Gold
    • 25,000 Kyanite
    • Extreme Stamina Potion x1

  • #2
    It is nice that you are compensating us. but it would also have been nice for a little warning in chat.


    • #3
      well for an emergency it is an emergency, the topic came out after the server went down...

      can we know why it went down? or is it security defence?


      • #4
        should add uplifting soul quest for hero trial quest thing. i cant finish my daily bg quest with uplifting soul reward cause im always getting added in bg with 50k+ br while i only got 30k br. and about world boss im having trouble on it cause i kept getting network lost during world boss. so it's really hard to get enough uplifting soul for mahra.


        • #5
          hi' where can i go if i want to know how much my bbg points i have?


          • #6
            US S21 West isnt even appearing for me hope this is fixed once it is over , i have spent to much time on this to lose everything


            • #7
              any news still down


              • #8
                Originally posted by revolver136 View Post
                US S21 West isnt even appearing for me hope this is fixed once it is over , i have spent to much time on this to lose everything
                Don't worry. Servers are taken off the server list when they are down for maintenance. Once the maintenance is over, the server will be accessible again.
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                    Will there be other ways to obtain colorful socks later on?


                    • #11
                      what a **** .... s240 have tones of lag from last maintenance ... and don`t do anything about that
                      S240 Ravenham
                      Name ☆★☆★
                      Class Archer
                      Guild TheRoyals


                      • #12
                        and 3 hrs+ later still down. loads to 73%.


                        • #13
                          huge loading to 72% instead of 73% ffs


                          • #14
                            Sadly it seems S30 is still down..Only loading to 73% then stops sighs I understand programs get glitchy..Yet you would expect with as much money as some people put into this game these issues wouldnt happen that often if at all


                            • #15
                              still loading to 72% and no further I have cleared all caches broswer diff computer etc etc etc and nothing...