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Honor the Fallen

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  • Honor the Fallen

    Duration: From January 29th until 23:59 on January 31st (Server Time)

    Description: A valiant defender of Balenor has fallen in battle, Camille from Guild Spartans on Tortmain Abbey. Her passing reminds us we need to cherish our loved ones, so we will be spreading love in game for the next 3 days.

    All players can receive the following rewards from the Hot Event panel for the next 3 days:
    • 100K Gold & 10 Roses

    In addition we want players to use this thread to share their memories of Camille, and celebrate her life as well as honor her memory. Tell everyone how she helped you with a dungeon, or cheered you up when you were down. Post about her in-game accomplishments, or what she was like in real life if you knew her outside the game.

    R2GAMES Will choose 25 posts that that we feel best honor her memory and give the posters the following gift as a token of appreciation for sharing their memories with our gaming community:
    • 500K Gold
    • 500K Daru
    • 50K Kyanite
    • 10 Soul Crystals

    In order for a post to be considered for the top 25, it must be made by 23:59 on January 31st, PST.

    UPDATE: R2Games would like to thank everyone who left a message for Camile. We were amazed by the response by the community, and it took us sometime to go through all the messages left for the departed. We've gone though all the posts, and selected 25 that we found particularly moving and touching. Rather the list them here, we will be privately contacting those players through PMs on the forum. Thank you all for taking the time to express your well wishes and regrets.
    This Forum Admin is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone on to other work. He's a stiff. If R2 hadn't ignored him he'd still be employed. Bereft of work he lives in peace. His forum duties are now history. He's off the twig, he's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off these forums, run down the thread count, and joined the ex-R2Games Employees Club. This is an ex-Forum Admin.

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    I didn't had the pleasure to meet her neither in person, neither in game. But from the thread that the members of her server opened we can clearly see that she was someone who spread a lot of love, and received it in return. She didn't marginalize people based on their br, level, guild and so on, she treated everyone with respect and helped everyone as much as she could. She treated them like a family despite the fact that probably none of you met her in rl.
    At least that is what I can see from the love expresed by the people which knew her. May you take her as an example, and leave aside any differences between you and stop looking for reasons to dislike/hate each other, because we are all humans and we should act as such, as a strong and united comunity which plays this game with the same goal: to have fun.

    God bless her


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      Dear Dear angela ( players name camillie ),
      how she was well kind,sweet person had more then one toon and toke on other toons from players that has stop playing she was always busy with all off them and had time to help others and to talk "alot" :-) but she also was sometimes in alot off pain i never knew (nobody ) knew what it was because even the doctors could not find the cause :-(, i can type so much more but then the tears would come and i ont to keep a smile now when i am thinking of camille.
      i can post so much more,but wont do that few words to describe her.
      Sweet,helpfull,kind,in pain but listening to others and coping with the pain always in for a laugh and yes she was/is/stays balenor's sweetheart.

      Camille you will/still be missed i/we still love you fly sweet fly and watch us :-(

      tarraton lair beastslayer

      We lost a great,sweet friend
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        R.I.P Camille.

        Originally posted by Canopus1983 View Post

        RIP Camille ...i hope R2 could make something special for her castle for a week
        I didn't take the picture, but another player did, just thought it would be nice to share this.
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        Server: KABAM 39
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          R.I.P Camille
          Seek the roses along the way...
          Just beware of the thorns


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            Cami was the best person ever! She was always nice with people and help them. She always was there when you need her. She made us smile even if she wasn't happy. She was a great friend and a great person. She was always there for everyone even she didn't knew that person for long time. We will always miss you our dear Angela! Love you so much! Hope you are watching us from heaven Cami! Rest in peace our Angel!
            Sorina S45-Mirage Desert


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              I am proud to say I had the honor of knowing her on the game and on skype. She was a true friend and helper. She was always willing to help others with there MPD. It warms my heart to know I had the opportunity to make her laugh and cry. Had sent her some SNOWMANPOOP(choclates) and a SNOWflake necklace for Christmas. She laughed with joy and cried with happiness, had said it meant the world to her and wore it everyday. She will always be in our hearts and minds. A small town girl from Evansdale Iowa touched hearts and minds around the world and will not be forgotten. Miss you dearly, RIP.
              Your friend, EXTREMESNOW..

              MY thanks to R2 for ackowledging a dedicated and loved player of Wartunes. I look at this as an opportunity for her cross server friends to say words from thier hearts here and honor her memory. Thank You R2Games....
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                R.I.P Camille


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                  I don't know Camille personally.

                  However, every time I meet her in GA, she would speak to my team-mate Spare, by saying "Hey Spare, how are you?"
                  Spare would chat with her, but not for long before the battle is over.

                  I had the impression she is a friendly person.
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                    I did not know you, but I hope you have permanent Imperial Seal's in your inventory in the sky! And may all your friends always remember you fondly.... it seemed like you touched a lot of hearts.

                    Do not Rest In Peace, But Live Happily In Heaven!
                    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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                      you were the best Camille.
                      W E ALL WILL MISS you
                      Rest in peace my friend ..


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                        Click image for larger version

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                        RIP Cami


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                          R.I.P Camille.


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                            I do not know her real life nor in game . but R.I.P Camille , may god bless you and your family now and in the future . judging from the posts . i presume she is a friendly/caring player . sad to hear you leaving us but my Condolence to you Camille . and to everyone that wish to troll or post rubbish , pls respect the dead !!! everyone pls do cherish your loves ones before is too late .

                            S412 angelxboiz


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                              R.I.P Camille.