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[Activity] Magic Pot

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  • #31
    I have 4 hammers and the are suppose to open pot for free BUT they are not working. Sent in ticket >no response yet


    • #32
      Originally posted by dwmedia View Post
      i spend $4000 last year when them hade Wild Alpacha and i was not getting it, i never got TOP reward frome any box some has ben in 4 months in row.
      So i have stop spend in this gamling there man never get anything. Its time for them to give top reward in lesser spins for make people wanna spend.

      I have learn me frome first time Magic Pot was up its not worth it so i just spend 100 x and give up dont got anything i wanted. So i dont keep spin anymore.

      If i got some more of intresset more fate stones and has ben a higre drop rate am hade problie keep spend.

      They changed drop rate to mounts from boxes, now i think its 1:800 or so there was a time when you could get that rare item from 100 boxes..
      Player: sunshinε
      Server: US West - S354 Crystal Well
      Guild: LostSouls

      Class: Knight
      Level: 80
      Battle Rating: 498k

      Not antisocial, just anti-stupidity.


      • #33
        Originally posted by R2_Emma View Post
        Duration: 2/21 - 2/22 23:59(Server Time)

        • R2Games: S1 - S422
        • Kabam: S1 - S70
        • Armor Games: S1 - S7

        Description: During this promotion, spend Balens to activate the Magic Pot. Activating will cause the Magic Pot to summon up random rewards, even a chance at rare wings!
        • Spend 65 Balens to use the Magic Pot 1 time.
        • Spend 650 Balens to use the Magic Pot 10 times.
        • Spend 3250 Balens to use the Magic Pot 100 times.
        Thanks for the Magic Pot details information provided by GM R2Tartarus's. Rules have been updated.

        • You can only Spend Unbound Balens or use Magic Hammers to activate the Magic Pot.
        • The 6 items you see in the picture around the image of Magic Pot are the 6 Best but Not All items you can receive from this event.
        • When you activate the pot you have a chance to receive one of the items listed in the window when you click Get Items.

        well i do notice something else here if you notice as well emma states we suppose to get 100 magic pots for 3250 balens


        • #34
          I believe You that one person in all your server to got those wings;You asked him what cost?if it says 100 spin means that lie!Many do not look like it would be spenders, as I'm not show any!Those wings I have got to 50K balens spent in my server S197 on event= $495- I believe that the receiving wings spent 10 times more, & it is the true.
          Are many with no $$$$ to buy balens, we must to help them to get staff with less balens cost & also with bound balens, if not, day by day all will come more hard for all & more people will leave the watune as they don already many strong & big cashiers in my server. I stopped also to recharge because it is not easy to accept in one virtual game.without good results & to receive from event all **** like Magic pot +100 spin
          Last edited by M.I.M.; 02-21-2014, 12:56 PM.
          Guild :Ellite
          DJ`MARIO lvl 80
          Mage / BR: +630K
          Sylph: x7 in total
          Triton x1 - 3 Star Purple
          Hercules x1 - 2 Star Purple
          Apollo x2 - Orange Athena / 1 star Purple Apollo
          Cerberus x1 - 1 Star Purple
          Hades x1 - Orange
          Pan x1 - 1 star Purple.......


          • #35
            my friend got wings on first try with her hammer. so dont have to be a spender to get those


            • #36
              Originally posted by M.I.M. View Post
              It is the true mate ! i don same over 100 & i received **** all: fate stone )))) I'm max 20lvl from long time ago whip +130 ,not lvl5 gem or 999 rosses etc.. That wings i have already but even it was not in 100 spin.
              Daru 70% lvl2 gem 5% etc..**** all ))) You R2 stolen again my money..... Congratulations further.....R2 crooks and idiots!
              Dude, congratulations for having the courage to say the names of things

              deserve a beer!

              I put 3250 x 4, 650 x 6
              I took all the ****

              if this is not scam I have a question (I hope to be relevant)
              which is the percentage ratio to get: Apollo Seal, Sylph Sepulcrum, Mahr, Wings of plight?

              Folks, do not give money for nothing from these thieves from R2 !

              I've already formed an opinion

              Anybody interested in my account? I give him a transfer that can not deleted
              Another theft and that


              • #37
                i got the 3 or 4 or whatever hammers free and i got 100 mahra
                Server - 138- Falledge
                Guild - THE*CHOSEN
                Class - Mage
                Name - BigBadGirl
                Level - 70


                • #38
                  In my server a player got 100 mahara and apollo sylph.But this is seriously a crappy event.I dont know how much he spent ,but all iheard is that you get some llv 1-2 gem,(rarely a lvl 5 gem),some lvl 5 luck stones,crypt key,exp scroll,******* SCs.You r2 greedy bastards are making it worse day by day.Your compensation for arena bug and bg collapsion are laughable,due to this bg collaption i lost honour today in bg while i was in duel.Guys rather buy wing with that balens from shop.reward is not worth of 65 balens,you're releasing several servers and you do nothing to improve and fix bugs in your older server.I'm stuck with my circuit quest for more than week.It wont reset.fetch a lvl 60 ancient armour.even after server maint.Your server maint is a joke too,I'm just happy i never spent any money on it.And never will.I'm glad a guildmate recharged my account once and i got a wing.seriously if i have the money to give you i'll spend it ona charity fund.


                  • #39
                    yup i only got 50 spins


                    • #40
                      Let's say u wanna spend $1000 on this event... DONT FOOKING DO IT! find a needy person, a homeless a sick child and give them the money, u will feel more happy than giving them to the R2 , trust me! on this one!


                      • #41
                        May you have a chance from 100 spin to receive Mahra & Sepulcrum mate, but Apollo & wings it is rare .
                        More chance then me had a lvl39 Archer in my server who received from 2 free spin, 100 Sepulcrum & 1 Apollo
                        R2 give a chance to non casher to make them to become a casher . 100% Magic pot is scam opinion after i lost for **** +10K balens ....
                        Guild :Ellite
                        DJ`MARIO lvl 80
                        Mage / BR: +630K
                        Sylph: x7 in total
                        Triton x1 - 3 Star Purple
                        Hercules x1 - 2 Star Purple
                        Apollo x2 - Orange Athena / 1 star Purple Apollo
                        Cerberus x1 - 1 Star Purple
                        Hades x1 - Orange
                        Pan x1 - 1 star Purple.......


                        • #42
                          They trying to get rid of none cashers why would they give none cashers a chance of competing?

                          They do not even try convert none cashers into cashers by giving them V.I.P cards for 1 Day to try out.


                          • #43
                            I got the wing but they didn't show up in the dressing room so it's like i got nothing


                            • #44
                              All stuff goes into the magic pot vault go into and loot them.


                              • #45
                                YA i looted them and turn them into lv 2 wings and now the Wings of Plight design is gone from the dressing room