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[Announcement] Second Arena Time Coming Soon

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  • Originally posted by R23051624 View Post
    Qiki1 before for u say i cant do to but i do only sometime and im happy becouse so other can join then u say u have half 45 pvp and for have need min 2k honor so u partecipate at almost all battleground to now.

    Anyway the problem for us it's cant partecipate at BG and now at second arena to, so u think if dont do BG have sense continue or it's ruine? U say u think also other player i see u consider only u now u have half PVP 45 so u can do BG and second time arena and dont say so also other can join say so i can join becouse
    this is the true.
    huh im sorry but I dont understand you. This is a thread about 2nd arena time not BG. I never said I cant do the events. I am happy for them to do more battleground and more arenas for the people who cant. I AGREE it might be nice to have another BG for other people like yourself. I personally have woken up and attended arena at 530am so the time for me is NOT an issue. If they didnt make a 2nd time I wouldnt be upset I would still manage to collect insignia thru BG and arena. I am saying I am happy for the 2nd time and to take half rewards if it means others can have a go to. Yes I also clearly stated in my first post it will be easier for me to attend as well. I will most likely stay asleep for first arena in future.


    • Originally posted by kruss80 View Post
      Dear Qiki1 what i typed is not any personal attack, its just my personal point of view. I hope you do not get offended. I know i should not judge you, but i have already posted sorry. But i do know a group of hardcore people playing and i just wish to voice out for this group of people.

      Thanks for your exchanges with me and i hope that some good information will be feedback to the game masters. What i think is that since the game has make battleground and arena so important in terms of this game. They should make better arrangement and reasonable rewards for each sessions. Thats all.

      its ok im not offended I do understand your point of view and respect it but also have my own


      • Qiki it is true that the thread was for the arena but the discussion with the GM has amplified the battleground. I do not know if we have but if fate were the first 3 bosses and the arena was gametime to 16.00 hours from 19.00 to 20.00 from 20.00 to 21.00 second arena battleground two runs at 21.00 the third boss. Since you're so good to think of others before yourself, I think you can understand that all those who had chosen the server depending on the time of the arena now have all the events compressed to 7 hours away and if like me make those events a little more than 3 hours sleep before going to work, the game is over.
        To clear up the thing you give an example if you mettessero arena battleground and a boss from 1:00 AM to 3:30 AM and from 2.00am to 4.30 after you made your lvl 45 and I do not know if perhaps you have also spent money, you may continue to play?
        Everyone is free to have his own thought, but the fact is that before there were 3 bosses and 1 arena equally spaced throughout the day of the servers now have put it all in 2 hours and a half and I do not think it is right as you say you.


        • Guys ... It will be Able to arena party in 7 pm ?


          • change the time in arena . make it 1:00-2:00....

            give more rewards ....