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[Announcement] Second Arena Time Coming Soon

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    Originally posted by R23234171 View Post
    hey Storm
    I think it would be better if you stay 6/2 but cut the time of arena to 30 minute
    all will be happy
    we will have second arena and the balance won't hurt
    what do you think about 2x30 min arena?
    +1 this will work much better, no one wants spend double time ti get the same numbre of insignias lol. You can limit entrance to 1 arena per day too, I´m really glad with the iniciative you are trying to implement but the 3/1 solution doesnt sound like a good design really.


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      Originally posted by R21114127 View Post
      No that's the same thing as half insignia reward, doh

      better to limit us to attending only 1 arena event per day (& 1 BG event, 1hr, if they add another one)
      Agree, if they wont do this then *&#^$ this game >< wasting 2 hours + many bottles and runes on that *edit* - no tnx!
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        why reduce the amount of insignia given per win/lose? that just cut one's ability to gain such currency in half. maintaning one's "regular" income would require being on on both arena schedules. we have lives too you know.

        why not just hinder 1 from entering 2 arena's A DAY? evryone's happy.


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          no plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i not play in server and the time 7pm pls need win 6 lost 2 no win 3 lost 1 pls no


          • #35
            Same as many peoples:
            -I sleep at that time
            -I don't want to take 2h to gain same amount
            -I have a life too and want to do other things than just wait an event 1 after the other...

            The better idea I saw was 1 participation/day and don't touch anything else

            If that thing happens, I won't be able to follow my teammates rate on insignas and will finish by quitting soon, I predict it.
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            • #36
              So let me this this straight....we are now wasting "TWO" Hours?...."JUST" to get what we normally get in "ONE" arena sitting?...we have to waste "TWO" hours on "THIS" game just to get back our regularly income?...So...Double The Work for the same amount of income? sure sounds "Logical"
              'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


              • #37
                U can add limit turn of arena perday.So they only join one times one day
                I think thats better twice arena perday, ofcourse still 6/2 sig


                • #38
                  Farm Insignia like a beast now! Before this .. xD

                  'But No, Seriously? Half of the prize?

                  I think it is better for all the players to make it the same prize but they have to choose two schedules 'but can only enter once! Make it comfortable oh please, you have just given the players a hard time and more pressure.

                  This is going to be very stressful...

                  We say NO to splitting insignia!!!
                  Last edited by Tazzadar; 09-14-2012, 10:49 AM.
                  I have played and become one of the strongest Mage in Server 5 and showed them how powerful mages are than Archers. 'I purchased balens & trying to support r2games 'but now I am quitting because of r2games doesn't even help you out and hear you out. 'They cannot make anything possible hence they are the only one who can do it.

                  Thank you everyone!
                  I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
                  'but the company is ruined it.


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                    Thanks for listening to the masses!


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                      Last edited by R2377112; 09-14-2012, 12:24 PM.


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                        The game is already time consuming, asking players to spend additional hour to gain same benefit as before is terrible idea. There are other solution for not increasing amount of insignia player receive, for example:
                        - allow player to attend only one event
                        - there's limited number of fight that gives reward ( 40-50 per day )
                        Or you can give reduced rewards for second arena if player already attend first one.


                        • #42
                          this would work


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                            Originally posted by R23234171 View Post
                            hey Storm
                            I think it would be better if you stay 6/2 but cut the time of arena to 30 minute
                            all will be happy
                            we will have second arena and the balance won't hurt
                            what do you think about 2x30 min arena?
                            i agree with u dude !
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                            • #44
                              Originally posted by terayaki2 View Post
                              i agree with u dude !
                              no no no, crazy players

                              not all player can make both arena times

                              and cutting the time to 30 min is the same as halfing the reward to 3/1

                              very bad math from you both


                              • #45
                                another idea is to make arena teams randomly generated by the server, non preconstructed, to give all players (hopefully) a fair chance of winning

                                how? by pairing individuals by BR rating, 1 high BR, 1 low BR and 1 avergae BR rating.. 2 teams with a close BR rating as possible.

                                so every battle (in theory) will be with a different team, yours and whoever your facing against.

                                right now arena is kind of stressful if you don't have a good team, the best win a lot and the poor teams don't win so much.

                                Battles would be more random but not completely random, fights more exciting, as long as your team members don't try to lose

                                This would be another way to reduce the consistancy of the best/strongest players from gaining maximum insignia every arena battle instead of halfing everyones rewards.
                                Last edited by R21114127; 09-14-2012, 02:32 PM.