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[Announcement] Second Arena Time Coming Soon

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    I believe that the one time for the arena is good right now if by adding a second time there is going to be a cut in insignias. I think instead of the second time maybe a new event or something can be put in its place. With the addition of the second time you basically have to do twice the work for the same amount of insignia that you owuld get with the one arena time slot.


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      Originally posted by lekshooting1 View Post
      why don't you play servers that suitable for your country.i think it better than request, request and request.
      Now that's hilarious. I'm on a server for exactly my time zone and I too requested different time for Arena. I'm guessing you neither work nor go to school. During the week that's usually where most people are at 1 PM. Like me for example.

      On the other hand they way it's done right now still doesn't help me really. Since rewards will be cut in half...


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        this is so time consuming pls dont implement this...

        those who cant join at arena time CHANGE SERVER FTW!

        ..i cannot play at that server time geez =.=


        we already have BattleGround

        they can get insignia there too .!!
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          your killing us with this times

          were not slackers

          we have classes/job

          let us have time to sleep with out wasting any event!
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            Why cut rewards in half?..people asking for more arena cuz they can't join the 1st cutting in half just the same like cutting their
            motivation to do arena.


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              Yes! make it 6/2 win/lose, then if someone make arena at 1pm-2pm they will not able to join in 7pm-8pm arena so that it will not double the chance to get more insignia. we loved this game but it will kill ur stamina when u do all the event in 1 day. hope u consider this matter.


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                ahh..i read some of the comments earlier...reward back at 6/2 but limit player can only do 1 arena each day..thats a good idea..and really balance for all players


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                  As I previously stated back in post #5, WE ARE UNABLE TO LIMIT PLAYERS TO JUST ONE ARENA TIME.

                  When we went to implement this, our first plan was to have two 30 minute Arena times. However, we discovered we were not able to change the time length. The way the game is written as of this Update is that the Arena is an hour in length. Trying to change it really does a number on the game.

                  So our second option was to see if we could limit players to one Arena time slot. Sadly, no such option exists in the game, or in any of the future updates.
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                    Then just keep the 6/2 insignias. or make it atleast 4/2.
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                    • Originally posted by kevin911 View Post
                      Then just keep the 6/2 insignias. or make it atleast 4/2.
                      4/2 would work.


                      • it would be better if the time was 8pm-9pm


                        • My solution:
                          1. Creating expire item like the first free vip we get... in order to enter arena you have to use this item ( like potion u have certain flag) and that kinda flag is require to enter arena.
                          2. Creating arena which similar to Catacomb/Crypt you gave us 1 free per day and 1 for paid...
                          3. Hold this update until you get certain feedback from most players.
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                          • so now we have to play the game for additional 1hr, to get same rewards? Nice, i like it.

                            >.< screw it im out of here :P


                            • Ya, this is getting worse and worse. I dont think Im renewing my VIP, no reason to even have that. And the real reason they added a second time slot wasn't for the players, even though they want you to think that. They split the rewards. R2Games is about money, and nothing about players. They want you to get in game as much as possible, dangling that carrot. So, now you have to play more, get hooked more, all in an attempt to get you to spend more on an over-priced cash shop. Why won't they learn the simple economics? If you lower your cash shop prices, people will spend more. As it stands now, if you have 1% of the population spending 20 dollars a month, what happens when you get 5% spending 20 dollars a month because they feel they are getting some value out of their money. Lower your cash shop prices. If you think that's too hard to go through each item and code it.... go to your website and change the amount of balens you get when you purchase.
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                              • if you are going to make 3/1 win/loose insignias, than make 1 insignia for every kill, and if you even loose you can still get more insignias for killing players!!!!