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[Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 4/17 @ 2:30 AM EDT has ended!

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    Originally posted by R265868045 View Post
    I can't believe you're complaining when they're giving you mount spirits as well. Saving you 5 weeks worth of saving them up making it that much closer to getting an ice fang or even using Evil Unicorn for the upcoming Class wars. I wish I had some control over this because at this point to be spiteful to all complaining I'd remove that so people would learn to quit complaining because they didn't get something that was bugged and wasted peoples time and resources. Just because you people complaining couldn't afford the Evil Unicorn or didn't want to synth it for some reason or another, doesn't mean you should continue to complain about the fact that they compensated the people who for all purposes got screwed over by a bug/glitch.
    Did anybody force the players who spent 25 spirit to buy the unicorn, No so why should they get 25 spirit bk and 300 whips esp when they had a 100 stat mount for a week. Most knew it was a bug because it was all over forums but decided to spend there spirits to gain the stat advantage. Now they get double compensation.
    It was also stated all players would get 25 spirits and 300 whips which is the fair way to go instead of seperate rewarding. All of us had to go thru all these painful maintenance issues and bugs and lag, we should all be compensated equaly.


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      Originally posted by Finbar1950 View Post
      Why is maintenance always in the morning, making it almost impossible to catch up. Can't it be done at night when we are sleeping?

      Because R2 is incompetent.


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        Originally posted by R211686983 View Post
        I can't get in to game. tried rebooting, using different browsers, logging out + logging back in. Nothing works. Just blank space where character last played should be. Have 3 accts. Same on all.
        yeah same thing happen to me...
        i just researched my server and login there...all comes as same after again restarting the browser...
        so just find ur server from server list and get in..


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          Lag... open two-three windows ..lag..heavy lag, before this new patch i can open 2-3 windows without too much lag. thank you very much for ur attention


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            Originally posted by parasidiss View Post
            nice to fix bugs but pls take away this lag from boss Pls make a hide others ppl button like cloud city and respect you Emma
            thx you
            my favorite post on this thread


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              How many more??

              Seems this game now is longer in maint than play! well done R2 lol


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                Thanks for the compensation and a decent warning in-game of the scheduled maintenance.
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                  servers are back up


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                    i can't understand how can they take 25 spirit we got it in 25 week if active from BG for only 7 day mount i think it is crazy to spend 25 week work in 7 day mount, even it is same str as preeminent one maybe if it is 500 str crazy ppl may try and aloso for recharge buns say give you back 2000 blan for recharge 1000 why not give us same blan when charge not item and we use blan as we like it is same for you we spend blan any way just try give promotion charge 1000 take 1000 atc not charge 1000 take 2000 as item some ppl not need it


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                      haha its joke why people get evil unicorn for 7 days when ice fang is permament and they the same stats 20
                      wartune always have stupid fails :P nobody is not crazy to spend just like that 25 mount spirit just to have mount 7 days.


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                        Originally posted by R2_Emma View Post

                        For players who already synthesized the permanent Evil Unicorns before the emergency maintenance last Friday, your bugged Evil Unicorns will be turned into normal 7 day mounts after this week’s maintenance. Note: Your Evil Unicorn will expire this Friday if it was synthesized last Friday. We apologize for any and all inconvenience regarding this issue and will be offering you the following items as compensation:
                        • Mount Spirit x25
                        • Mount Training Whip x300

                        Please keep an eye on this thread for further information regarding the compensation pack details.
                        WHERE D EFF ARE MY MOUNT SPIRIT x25!!!!!!!!


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                          Ticket number: 86005

                          Subject: Evil Unicorn validity of 7 days !

                          Status: new

                          Dear support, it is totally unacceptable that the Evil unicorn I've (and MANY others in my server) acquired by exchanging 25 mount spirits is now being changed its validity to become 7 days only.

                          Firstly when you place the mount inside the game, the validity was permanent and that's why I acquired it.
                          Despite you later on changed this mount's stat from being +100 to become +20, I was still OK with it since the mount is still there, and it is still usable in a way.
                          So no issue.

                          Now you have changed the validity of it, and this mount will be gone in just a matter of days.
                          Your ORIGINAL information of the mount was MISLEADING and has in a way cheated players (me) to exchanged 25 mount spirits for something that's not what it said it was. This is OUTRIGHT a FRAUD !!

                          As compensation, you now sent us back only 5 mount spirits. I want the other 20 mount-spirits balance back.
                          You can take back the compensation pack that I've already claimed (the one that has 5 mount-spirit etc), the extra stuff like whips and all you can take back as well.

                          I am only asking for the 25 mount-spirits back rightfully as that's only fair. No idea who in your organisation thought about such compensation ... whoever that is shouldn't be left alone anymore in making decisions. You guys gotta make much more sense than this !


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                            Where is the magic pot ??

                            There is no magic pot so wy even mention it ?
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                              so umm when is the magic pot? :3


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                                why I can only can claimed once?

                                Evil Unicorn still have validity