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[Promotion] Spirit Covenant & VIP Luxury Pack

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  • [Promotion] Spirit Covenant & VIP Luxury Pack

    Duration: 4/23 - 4/24 23:59 (Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 - S453
    • Kabam: S1 - S83
    • Armor Games: S1 - S7

    Description: We'll be having both a special Spirit Covenant pack and a pair of VIP Luxury Packs on sale for a limited time! Be sure to act now before these packs are gone! The packs contains the following:

    Spirit Covenant Pack: Spirit Covenant x1, Mount Training Whip x20
    Price: 1299 Balens. Limit of 3 per day.

    VIP Luxury Pack I:
    31-Day VIP Card x1, Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1, Extreme Stamina Potion x2
    Price: 899 Balens. Limit of 5 per day.

    VIP Luxury Pack II:
    31-Day VIP Card x3, Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1, Extreme Stamina Potion x2
    Price: 2199 Balens. Limit of 2 per day.

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    how about fixing the log in problem everyone is having many players including my self are having problems logging in to the game and the lag is getting bad


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      I always like this event, just seems like it should last a bit longer. Personally have stocked up 8 cards alrdy so no need for me but great event for people who know they are going to be long-term players


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        nice event, I was waiting for this to buy the vip cards. But I cant login since yesterday, so obviously I wont be paying for a game I cant play... Honestly, I feel like R2 is laughing at my face, because they know that hundreds of players are unable to login, and they put this promotion now? Please...


        • #5
          i need the vip as well however cant log into damn game so what is the point


          • #6
            I would have bought the packs without hesitation if i could see R² makes some Effort with events for no and low cashers.
            But in regard of the last few Months Events as the call this Cash Promotions it a clear NO I WILL NOT RENEW MY VIP
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              Months ago, spirit convenant pack was simply a spirit covenant for 999 balens. I bought it then. Since that, R2games loses 1000 balen from my part (any from many others) with the above offer. Since there are no good whip events, I don't need whips, thanks.
              Also there was no real recharge event since like 5 months, so I'm not buying balens either.

              So how about this:
              1.) Make a decent recharge event for 100-300 USD.
              2.) Sell spirit covenant for 999.

              Right now, I'm happy with just buying lord of time. Don't really need the rest.
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              • #8
                The vip packs are good
                How about a spirit convenant x 1 w/o whips for 899 balens like the one before


                • #9
                  would love to be buying these things plus so much more.

                  but until the log in issue not to mention the endless other issues are resolved ill be playing for free and making point of laughing at people still paying to play this broken game.

                  Sad really as this game has potential to be the best out there. Just poor management will kill it.


                  • #10
                    Login problems? use Dragon Browser, a Chrome based browser... i had the same problem and with Dragon Browser i could finaly enter and lag got a lil better.

                    Shame i can´t use this promo... not even a Low lvl spender, lol.. but those 3 VIP cards are good.
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                      i cant log in!!


                      • #12
                        why now his game wartune very lag. in all events. why GM ?


                        • #13
                          GM wartune try to play the game, and see the results. very Lag in all events. we really liked this game, but if it is very lag. all players will definitely leave wartune. it certainly


                          • #14
                            Would be nice to have a sale that was really a SALE.. not this garbage they usually have on here. Most of this stuff is totally useless and outrageously priced.


                            • #15
                              Just wanted to say thank you to the folks at Wartunes. Due to your continued failure to fix the lag problem, your continued failure to address and correct problems in the game, and your seeming disregard for your customers, I will be saving lots of money that I otherwise would have spent on the game. I may keep up my VIP membership for awhile yet, but that is it for spending on this game. Not to mention the fact that most of the stuff you are selling is WAY too expensive.
                              Keep up the good work, ya'll.