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Wartune Memorial Day Events!

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    Originally posted by ShogunQKD View Post
    first of all "carnations" and "mother's Day event" are gone, so you'd better review the original post
    second - why is the mount called "dark capricorn" when it's a scorpion?
    Good point - not all of us have cashed in our carnations yet. The Mother's day event dates are clearly stated in the announcement of that event as follows:

    Carnation Exchange
    Duration: 5/8 - 5/23 23:59 (Server Time)
    Description: Collect Carnations and exchange them for rare rewards:
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    2.6m+ br.... it moves up daily!
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      we dont have those boxes on 471 ?


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        open 150 chests in total and got 3 mounts >.<


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          nvm saw the date
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            Another CASHER'S Event


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              Can u bring any free box that can give us crypt tokens?


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                why I can take reward for Acient Dragon, and cant take reward for Frost Bear writing redeemed


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                  [QUOTE=papashai;962961]why I can take reward for Acient Dragon, and cant take reward for Frost Bear writing redeemed[/Q



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                    Originally posted by papashai View Post
                    why I can take reward for Acient Dragon, and cant take reward for Frost Bear writing redeemed
                    Originally posted by Barrack1 View Post
                    Please report your server number and time zone here:
                    That also goes for others with this issue.
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                      It's the 22nd and the Blessing Wheel promo nor the Card Engulfing promo are NOT giving medals. I haven't tested them all. The MP Dungeon IS giving a medal. I wasted kyanite on the wheel for nothing and gold and daru on the card game hunt. Kabam S91 EAST. Yes, I refreshed. I did this about 40 minutes ago, so it;s not a problem of doing before maint. It is just not working. The Medal Exchange is counting down of course.


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                        Mount just become more and more expensive for echo month now i got luck and got the Scorption frome the first 200 box.
                        But 300 x for a +30 mount is like 30k balens normaly if man do exchange some later sell for like 7k in Hot Shop.

                        If its become more expensive i guess people just gonna buy mount later in hot shop instent.

                        Before was +30 mount 160 x after 220 x after 240x now 300 is just sick.
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                          dam if i could only get one of those mounts. Blessing wheel only gives 1 memorial medal per day thats BU.LL
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                            Why can't I just be given the mounts for free? I don't want to spend money or time and effort in the game.

                            Please just email me a code so I can redeem for free mounts.



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                              Stay tuned for more Mother's Day events on Facebook: and our forums to have the access to the latest Wartune news!

                              Are you sure these are Mother's Day events? :P

                              Also: Not in that mood to collect Carnations but wish you would get a chance to team those fierce beasts? Then try your luck with the Memorial Chest! Not only do you have a chance to get those mounts, but you may discover other splendid rewards within the chest as well!

                              We are not collecting carnations anymore, we are colecting medals. At least pay attention when you copy paste stuff...
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                                Originally posted by R2_Emma View Post
                                Memorial Medal Exchange

                                Duration: 5/22 - 6/5 23:59 (Server Time)

                                Description: Collect Memorial Medals and exchange them for rare rewards:
                                • Memorial Medal x300 for Dark Capricorn Card x1

                                Emma, Can you please tell the developers / interpreters that a Capricorn is a Goat, NOT a Scorpion. At least have them update the text to Scorpio, Dark Scorpio or Dark Scorpion - or whatever. It's just kinda silly that a Goat is a Scorpion.