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[Event] Bounty Quest Bonus

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    Originally posted by dado87 View Post
    So u lost today Event things bicase u trained white ?
    I got double rewards from tree reset and today so with all gold u need some i can sell u 100 gold bountys
    !! WTH are u guys some cahser noobs or what!
    I'd like to reply to this misspelled work of trash post. "So you lost today Event things because you trained white?"<---Errors fixed now you're welcome. No actually I bought bounty quests with balens because I do as many orange quests daily as I possibly can, and I'm not gonna waste my stockpile when I can buy them. "I got double rewards from tree reset today so with all your gold you need some bounties? I can sell you 100 gold/orange bounties."<---Again errors fixed so that someone can read your patchy english. Congratulations you have 100 orange bounty quests, would you like a screen shot of my inventory and my stockpile of bounty quests randomly obtained from chests and fishing? "WTH are you guys some casher noobs or what?"<---final errors fixed. NO once again people are complaining that the wording of the quest/event did not state that Orange/Gold was required. My complaint about the problem was they reset the Event when I logged on and used my BOUGHT bounty quests to get the reward and it wasn't active til after I had used them.

    Originally posted by Linkoneusc View Post
    They are not complaning about the fix it self, even me who do not like complain can comprehend why they do complain:
    1st: they made the fix without warning
    2nd: they made a hotfix, something that we all thought was not posible.
    3th: they made a hotfix in a minor issue, there are many issue that need attention more than a 3 days event.
    4th: with making the hotfix they let peeps see how much R2 cares about their clients, is like telling them " we only fix what is a problem fo us, you peeps keep suferring all others isues"
    5th: what marketing mind would think fixing something that makes clients happy would make them get more profit when they do not fix lot of things that makes them unhappy, have not they heard the word blackout?.

    As i said, i do not like complaning, seriusly guyz, was good while it lasted and i give thanks tor making the mistake, but now all players know how fast you can fix an issue whit a hotfix, cuz of, work hard without sleeping till you fix others mayor issue, there are too many wartune pages, blogs, furums and some IRC chat where someone could start to talk about a black out, and belive me that when players agree to don't cash for one, two month or till other mayor issues are fixed and the owners feels they are not getting their cash many of you will be engrosing the unployed list... so work harder and harder now on, coz there was too many peeps unhappy and now they see how magic hotfixing works only againts them, there are even more and unhappier ones.

    Greetings, congrats hotfixing something no player asked nor wanted to be fixed.
    Here I would like to say, THIS IS ENTIRELY TRUE! You people are probably on the precipice of 1 more mistake before you have a blackout. My recommendation is that you get off your high horse and stop ignoring the players. Start fixing the issues they have and things like this will be minor in comparison. Still an extreme dislike because I wasted 20 orange bounty quests during your down time for the event so I was unable to obtain any bonus.


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      I finished 5 normal quests to check if I'd gain reward. I didn't, so I used bounty scrolls and still finished this event.


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        well anyway if R2 actually give something "free" by mistake (like this kind bug did save yellow bounties) take it and run and use it and never speak about it or shout too loud they come get it back otherwise.


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          Originally posted by Nutsuka View Post
          well anyway if R2 actually give something "free" by mistake (like this kind bug did save yellow bounties) take it and run and use it and never speak about it or shout too loud they come get it back otherwise.
          Well, I got rewards for 2 days without completing orange bounty quests, so they aren't quick. What I'm happy about that there's no rollback - people doesn't lose what they have got for free. In other mmorpgs people could lost progress even from week or more...


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            always do something stupid keep on " already players quit every day "


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              orange bounty quest glitch

              ticket number = [#111136]

              i sent screenshots with ticket. i have screenshots showing my bounty quota was filled for the day (all orange bounties btw) and one showing that i cannot collect rewards...but here they are again. please check into it. thank you.

              User Name in Game: Malice
              Server: S98
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                Just an advice use, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. They are much better than Internet Explorer. I hope your issue gets resolved ASAP.
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