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? Wartune Sweet Wedding Events!

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      Again R2 make event for himself for players it is ****, not have where use gold, kyanite or daru, marriage not available, but who care about players, important only R2 income
      print new mount so income quaranted


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        Sweet Wedding - Love Thy Mount
        Dates: 8.18 - 8.20

        Train your mounts with the required amount of Mount Training Whip to be rewarded. This quest has unlimited attempts.

        Mount Training Whip x1, Soul Crystal x5, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x1

        Sweet Wedding - Mount Trainer
        Dates: 8.18 - 8.20

        Upgrade your Mount to level 4: Mount Training Whip x2000, Sweet Wedding Pack x10
        Upgrade your Mount to level 5: Mount Training Whip x2500, Sweet Wedding Pack x20
        Upgrade your Mount to level 6: Mount Training Whip x3000, Sweet Wedding Pack x30
        Upgrade your Mount to level 7: Mount Training Whip x3500, Sweet Wedding Pack x40

        Rewards can be redeemed ONCE per character. Players who have participated in this event in the past or present will not be able to redeem these rewards again.
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          Originally posted by R2_Helen View Post
          Sweet Wedding - World Boss Bounty

          Duration: 8/14 - 8/19 23:59 (Server Time)

          • R2Games: S1 – S505
          • Kabam: S1 – S101
          • Armor: S1 – S8

          Description: Participate in a World BOSS Battle (5) times to be rewarded.

          • 200,000 EXP
          • 100,000 Daru
          • Sweet Wedding Pack x1

          Note: This quest can be completed once per day.
          pls tell us you giving "sweet wedding pack" free in these and not the "Wishing chest" n its opening price is "39 balen" what a non casher do with that sweet wedding pack?? simply delete it?? isnt it useless to give that instead of wishing chest? and also dont you guys think about players below lvl 50? these 200000 exp and 100000 exp are rewards or punishments?.. i dont understand really the stupidity in all these ..
          whats the point in giving it?


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            Another USELESS **** EVENT..... give us that will benefit everyone not the one that will benefit those who only cash.....


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              i cannot into games.

              i cannot into games, what wrong, please help me GM?
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                3 boxes from the mount !
                Saypontigohe (Guildleader nr. 4 Expandable) S37 Europe


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                  your patch is pure **** in wild i get beat like crazy from fire boss 70 with party 2 pll with 130k br and 2 160k br change those moobs defense and atack i hit with 16k slaher ultimate slaher 26k pure shi.tttttttttttttttt r2 sell chests to make money but your own mistakes take so much time to repair
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                    Originally posted by ComingCurse View Post
                    So, staying up till 1 am and having saved mpd and cata since events ALWAYS go up at midnight server time and you benefiit from them and after 5 am again and now you just decide to do them after maintenance? **!
                    well I ROFL'd on this one... because I was bewailing helping a guild mate finish his and not getting a higher group to do mine(not that I will probably get a group to do it anyway)


                    • Such a ** event with crappy rewards and boxes!

                      Not to mention all lag after new patch! Wedding is too damn expensive and stuff that guests get is miserable. 2 hours waiting for **** as some shadow crystals, SCs, vip tokens and so on. 599 balens just for ring? Then other 3K balens for cheaper wedding?! And after you was engaged... ring expires by time, so if you dont have enough balens for wedding then better dont rush to propose!

                      DF is so useless! Never been in use in Spire, then removed slow in WB, now removed slow in Sky trials, whats next? Necropolis? Well better just remove DF, mire rune and slow effect of thunderer... In all important events we cant use it!

                      For those that are not passed 4 quests with bosses, you can find em here: Moon, DT, LL and Samsara. Its always first boss, not need to run them in NM, in normal w/o attempt is enough.

                      4x4 arena is fun, 90 league insignia is great, so and items in arena shop that we can buy with league insignia (thx for that) - the only good from new patch!

                      And now most important thing:

                      After exp needed for leveling is reduced where is compensation for all lvl80 players? Not to mention that amount of shards needed for lvl70 legendary gear is reduced! So you owe us a HUGE COMPENSATION for that! Insiagnia (which for lvl80 players is useless, but can be used for tier3 books to sell them or for exp for talents) and most important tons of tier4 book!
                      BEYOND GODLIKE!


                      • Oh and forgot one other very important thing: Penetration astral is not working! Mine is alrdy lvl6, got +1296 patk and +1296 penetration and guess what i am doing exactly the same dmg, so obv that astral is not working!
                        BEYOND GODLIKE!


                        • The event chests that start on the 15th are not dropping in EU servers.


                          • Wishing Chest

                            Duration: 8/15-8/17, 8/22-8/24 (Server Time)
                            Description: A chest for the month of August. Open to obtain one of the following:

                            Magic Rose x1
                            50,000 Gold
                            50,000 Daru
                            Soul Crystal x10
                            Mount Training Whip x2
                            Soul Crystal x100
                            Mount Training Whip x100

                            no boxes yet sucks for people that stayed up all night just for that


                            • wat about the last event ., >_< !

                              2-Year Anniversary

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                              • Oh damn, now pvp doesn't work and also tok is hell again!!! What is wrong with you allllllllllllllll?!?!?!!?!???!?! And people cannot even move when in battle!!!!! You are craaaaaaaaazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

                                p.s. oh nice, i see...i had typed all in CAPS, but it was automatically changed...MEH
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