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[Event] Hall of Fame III

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  • [Event] Hall of Fame III

    Duration: 11/10 00:00 - 11/27 (after weekly maintenance ends)

    Servers: All servers

    Description: The Hall of Fame has returned! This time there are even more awesome rewards for those who are deemed worthy.

    UPDATE: We apologize for the delay in sending the Hall of Fame rewards on December 10th (during the weekly maintenance) as some of the rewarded items can't be used for the moment. We thank you for your understanding and support while we are doing our best to improve the game. The winners will receive the below items as compensation:
    • 1,000,000 Gold
    • 1,000,000 Daru
    • 100000 Kyanite
    • Mount Hoof x30
    • Soul Seal x20

    Note: Compensation will be sent within 2 days; and the winner list will be announced later in this thread.


    1. Players with 450000+ Battle Rating will receive a special title: God of Balenor

    2. Players with 400000+ Battle Rating will receive a special mount:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	inferna dragon.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	100.8 KB
ID:	1760035

    Inferno Dragon: All Stats +100

    3. The No.1 player on each server with the highest Battle Rating Ranking will receive the following:
    • Sengolar Weapon
    • Sengolar Armor
    • Sengolar Headdress
    • Sengolar Wings

    Click image for larger version

Name:	electric sengolar set.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	82.4 KB
ID:	1760036

    Electric Sengolar Set

    4. Other Rewards
    • Players with 350,000+ Battle Rating will receive: King of Balenor, 15,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x300, Vulcan Pack x100 and Soul Seal x200.
    • Players with 300,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Noble of Balenor, 12,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x80 and Soul Seal x150.
    • Players with 250,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Knight of Balenor, 8,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x50 and Soul Seal x100.

    Vulcan Pack contains:
    • Vulcan's Hammer x1
    • Vulcan's Stove x3

    1. Battle Ratings increased by buffs using items such as potion/scroll do not count towards the BR calculation; the final BR calculation (with extra BR bonus excluded as mentioned above) is based on the backend real-time data when the event ends.
    2. Rewards will be sent during the November 27th maintenance; each reward can only be redeemed once.
    3. Wartune’s official operation team reserves the right of final explanation for this event.
    4. For any questions about the event please refer to our in-game event explanation or customer service.

  • #2
    You still suck if it comes to the players problems!

    OMG R2

    U still forbid the peoples mind, like you did with me. You deleted my post, and banned me for a day.
    Are you afraid that someone really want to start a **** over you? Poor people.
    Than you open a new thread and because of the past everyone is afraid and doesnt post.

    Indictment for you!
    You say, you will watch players BR to fix it. And what have you done? Nothing? Right, NOTHING!
    You want everyone to spend more money, but you can forget it. I wont spend any more money in it! *****

    Last HoF there werent even 200k BR maximum! And now that!!! Are you insane?! YES you are!
    And what about the mount from last event?! Hm? So noone gets it now anymore?
    OH GREAT! You make my day!*Can you hear the sarcasm out of it?!*

    Indictment for you!
    You can really make ppl quit. Congratulation!

    But you can also make some ppl really badly angry!!
    Now wanna see how you react if someone really starts a ****

    Oh and btw, you can delete the post, ban me but you cant always make people quiet.
    You are one concern, but we are millions of players!

    OHHHHH and dont forget, deleting one of your own posts course more than 60 sites were written, wont help, you will see!
    Last edited by Greenfireflygirl; 11-10-2014, 08:22 AM.


    • #3
      but i dont have this br how i tacke te rewards?this is sucks.only for the big spender.
      VALELE.S398 150k br


      • #4
        Editing posts wont help Greenfireflygirl! A so called "Cupcake"Storm or ***** (not even said what Storm^^, so dont try to edit it^^) will come over R2. If you edit, ban me or not.
        Its always the same. R2 is only after our Cash^^
        197k BR, Armorgames
        Last edited by EsmeWeatherwax; 11-11-2014, 08:33 AM. Reason: Implied profanity equals profanity. Not allowed.


        • #5
          i hope atleast HoF rewars start at 150k BR too 450k, atleast some freeplayer can get get reward like me ^_^


          • #6
            i hope atleast HoF rewards start at 150k BR too 450k, atleast some free player can get get reward like me ^_^, im from S354, now im continue playing at S404 lvl 64 165k BR free player


            • #7
              what about to the lowest battle rating.


              • #8
                As i've allready said, i can understand they put the max at 450K, it's hall of fame, so best award should be hard to get
                But they could have give a lower start price like at 25K br-100k-175k-250k-325k-400K (and even their 450k if they still want it)

                Just to let most of player get 2 free award (even bad) just to thanks them for player, thanks new player to have join newest server
                Just a commercial move to avoid the complain, make some base math like take the best award for 5% of actual br, then the award after on 10% of actual top br player, so after a month it could be 10% first-20% second or make an award based on the first actual br, so the top 10 could have try to spend to reach it

                Lot of way to make it fair, better for evryone and get more money
                Cause i've often think, they know what they do, they know how many buy things we don't, so they do it wisely even we are mad
                But sadly with the past group sell event (where we was supposed to buy 10 times one things to get a promo on it
                We could see that nobody buy anything on these event, so they make event and offer who sometimes just don't work and nobody buy and we was able to see it

                So i guess this HoF is one of their bad move, or maybe put other hof event, so evrybody is happy
                Lower br can get what high br allready have, high br keep having advantage with highest reward, new server are happy they can have few award too

                I know it's not really fair, cause big spender have cash a lot to reach top award from past hof, cause sylph, academy, reforge, mount refine, less mount wasn't here so it was harder to reach, so maybe let the 1st price of past hof only for them, or if they have allready reedeem it they get an other award
                There is tons of solution to make lot of money and have a community full of happy player, why they can't waste lot of time (like 10-20sec) to think about it :s (don't think much more time is needed to see they made a mistake and could do it better)

                Also i've got an é-mail, hof soon, come and claim award, go on this post, link on a 80 topic page, with 79 page of complain, not really a good idea :s
                Make a locked post with the event then link it on the mail, then let ppl cry on other topic, so less ppl will now it's a trap, and evrybody is unhappy

                I'm trying to help you R2, yes and me by the way (i think it's human ^^)
                So thanks to consider it for at least your futur event or HoF, i know it's too late for this one and i've lost hope and faith you'll do anything for this one (even a compensation pack for the day after with an apologize of highest br for hof)

                But think about it for some new unlimited SC event, SS event, Whip event, new content and next HoF

                I don't ask you to listen on what player want, player will always ask more for free, as i've said it's human, but try to make something between what you want and what player want, balance/equality, we can see it each day on tv with war, politician, feminism, ....
                Noob Archer, Low Br, Can't complete anything, Useless ..... but still here on S181


                • #9
                  need sc event


                  • #10
                    SC event pls