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Armor Games Hall of Fame Ranking Dispute has closed!

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  • Armor Games Hall of Fame Ranking Dispute has closed!

    Greetings valiant warriors!

    With the past Hall of Fame event, there have been some issues with how the battle ratings were taken. We want to apologize for the inaccuracies of these recordings and any frustrations that have resulted because of this. We know many of our top players are incredibly competitive and Hall of Fame is a great opportunity for bragging rights!

    In response to the BR calculations, we want to give players an opportunity to speak up about any faults in rewards. Below is a list of the battle ratings for the Hall of Fame event. If you find a dispute with your own ranking, please send us a ticket within seven (7) days from the date of posting. This re-calculation will be for the top battle rating on each server and the battle rating tiers across all servers.

    If you find a dispute with your battle rating tier or server top 1 ranking, please submit a ticket with the title "HoF ranking dispute". We want to make sure all inquiries are received and handled in a timely manner, and a standard subject will ensure your inquiry is received and processed within the allotted time. As it stands, only items and clothing will be sent retrospectively: we will not be rewarding the rank 1 title with this compensation.

    We will review each dispute individually, assessing rankings based on the data for the final day of the HoF event. Based on your inquiry and the data in our system, we'll make a ruling for your ranking and rectify any potential slight. We ask that players only submit inquiries based only on their standing: not your friend's, not pointing out some other player had buffs. If your inquiry has nothing to do with your placement, your inquiry will be ignored. We apologize but we want to expedite this process as much as possible.

    Again, we want to get this process cleared up as quick as possible. We hope those who were wronged by this event will submit a request to us. We will update this post when we are no longer taking inquiries. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to rectify this issue.

    NOTE - The dispute is over. Please notice that do not submit tickets in regard to HoF ranking dispute since we are no longer taking any inquiries. For those whose inquiries have been taken and verified, the rewards will be handed out in 5 working days. Thank you for your continued patience.

    Players with 450000+ Battle Rating:

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    Players with 400000+ Battle Rating:

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Name:	40.jpg
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    Players with 350000+ Battle Rating:

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    Players with 300000+ Battle Rating:

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    Players with 250000+ Battle Rating:

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    The No.1 player on each server with the highest Battle Rating Ranking:

    Click image for larger version

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