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[fSuggestion/Feedback] Gear sets

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  • [fSuggestion/Feedback] Gear sets

    Hey all,

    After looking through the gear sets and after managing to equip an almost full set (5/6) I realized that in no place are there displayed any set benefits or bonuses. Now I can't be completely certain that at this point in time there are no bonuses to partially or fully completed gear sets but since I have no visual representation of there being such buffs I promose that such bonuses for partially or fully completing a set are added.

    I propose that for each there should be bonuses for partial or full completion the set and that those bonuses are thematic to the it, further enhacing the power of the player in tha direction and actually granting the player a reward for completing the set.

    Without bonuses to the sets it seems pointless to be aiming for a specific set, rather the most logical thing to do would be to just scrap around the gear with the best stats for your prefered playstyle, which just seems boring and unfun to me. Additionally, having such bonuses gives players something to aim for rather than just scrap around for gear.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I'll forward it to the team for consideration.
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