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  • one player 2 accounts

    On server s942, in darkmoon, a player has two characters active at a same time. Players who enter leave the game, there are arguments, it has completely destroyed a guild, it has destroyed balance and cordiality.
    I understand that a player who spends is valuable to the owners, but the number of players who have abandoned the game and stopped investing in it are not few. In turn, it creates hatred and distrust in himself and towards other players because cordiality has been lost.
    My question is this: Is this permissible in the game? Is there any way to reverse the situation and balance this?
    Player 1: Epourania
    Account 2: MickBushLP

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    From the Terms of Service, under section 4. Account:
    "Multiple accounts are acceptable, however this should not be used to abuse, exploit, or take advantage of any in-game event, bug, or game interaction. We have sole discretion with respect to identifying any username or account abuse."

    Someone having multiple accounts is not a reportable offense, but if there is a reportable offense, please send relevant screenshots to support at
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