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  • Game error

    My game is making a infinit zoom by itself, how can i fix?

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    Last edited by guilhermeakk; 07-22-2021, 08:07 AM.

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    The infinit zoom
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      I don't understand what you mean by infinite zoom.

      Please try clearing your cache and cookies, maybe try with a different Chrome profile, or a different browser and see if that fixes it.
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        I am having the exact problem with Chrome, Opera, and Edge with Win10 and 1440p monitor. After the loading screen, the game will zoom in so much that you can't see anything. And if I try to zoom out, it will shrink the game in to the size of a pixel so there is problem with the scaling of this game.


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          Same issue on my side but it also zooms in when launched in the R2Client. It temporarily worked in chrome but when the top bar has been minimized it started to zoom in. It's hard to figure out what causes it and as such this game is unplayable. Whenever the window dimensions are changed the zooming in takes place as well.

          Additionally when it temporarily works (it seems now that it can temporarily work in the R2Client as well) the mouse cursor doesn't seem to be on the same spot where it's visualized. In other words: the issue might be related with the screen resolution and scaling potentially.
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