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lost rewards from battle pass

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  • lost rewards from battle pass

    I bought the battle pass last month and recieved all rewards, new battle pass event starts today and my extra squad from previous battle pass reward is gone.
    The game does'nt state that its a rental squad and that it will be removed at the start of a new battle pass event.
    I wonder if the game took al the game boosters from previous battle pass because i cant find any of the added stats like the 5% more chance for dubble rewards for map missions or any of the other boosters, whats going on here?

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    Battle passes are only valid for the duration of the event. A new battle pass will need to be purchased for each new event.
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      The game just took my rewards that i payed for and without notice its gone, i'm not gonna buy it again, another thing i got my 4th war machine and its a wooden plane totaly useless.
      Good going!