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Changes for Version 3.69.1265 (2021-10-27)

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  • [Patch Notes] Changes for Version 3.69.1265 (2021-10-27)

    • Added many new avatar parts: banchou, butler/maid, sentai, chicken, full plate, school and stone age outfits! Also more auras, wings, a few new accessories and 3 new hair styles.
    • Added a halloween event. The event will start on thursday, 2021-10-28. For two weeks, there will be an event campaign where you can find candies. With enough candies you can get a free pet token. You need to be online to load the event but once you started the campaign you don't need to be online all the time. You can find at most 8000 candies from campaigns.
    • While the halloween event lasts, there is also a small minigame where you can get up to 2000 extra candies. You can play the minigame if you click on "Play Ghost Defender" on the campaign page. You can also play this minigame if you input "halloween" in the settings input field (that will work even after the event).
    • Added a new pet: Witch, a powerful water mage. She can increase the water element of your pets depending on her class level.
    • Replaced the chat-Button in the Steam version with a button which links to discord and added that button to the android and kong version. Sorry for the few irc people who still use it, but the chat was not supported anymore since years and has no mods anymore. And a chat without mods can cause problems.
    • Added a starter pack to buy for new players.
    • Fixed a few bugs (some taco issues, display bugs and dungeon issues)
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