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How to report a bug!

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  • How to report a bug!

    Hello Dragon Awaken players!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the forum to report a bug or an issue in the game. Every report helps the game run better for all of us, regardless of how big or small the issue may be.

    There are several elements that are needed for bugs to be forwarded to the developer. Please follow this outline for all bug reports.

    1. Scroll through the Bug Report section to see if anyone else has already reported the bug. Please post in an existing thread when one is available for the specific issue you are reporting.
    2. Title the thread to include the name of the system, function, or other areas of the game where the bug is found. This helps us locate the thread easier, and helps others who have come to report similar issues find existing threads.
    3. Every bug report should include the following:
    • Screenshot/Video. Screenshots and videos eliminate any confusion on where an issue is, and what the issue looks like in the game. Please always include a screenshot. Videos are helpful when a screenshot or two do not fully depict the issue.
    • Description. A clear description of the issue is always needed. Please use specific, full game names at least once in the post, as abbreviations are often too short for the search tool.
    • Steps. When an issue is not easily encountered by a simple point and click, the steps taken to reproduce the issue will be needed.
    • Character name and server. In the event the issue needs to be looked into from the perspective of the reporter, knowing which character is experiencing the issue, or in the level range required to encounter the issue, helps the team test the issue.

    4. Please come back to the thread within 24 hours in case more information was needed.
    5. If the issue has been fixed with maintenance, please come back and post that it was resolved. Likewise, if an issue was stated to be fixed during a maintenance, and it wasn't, please come back and post that as well.

    If unable to obtain all of the requested information, post anyway and ask fellow players to help fill in the missing details. It is also good to know if more than one person is experiencing an issue, so posting that an issue is also being experienced, or providing additional supporting screenshots in existing bug report threads is often very helpful.

    If there are any questions about what information might be needed for a specific report, please don't hesitate to ask a moderator.
    If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
    Please, view the bug report list here - CS1
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    CS1 - FAQ here

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