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Cross server event broken

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  • Cross server event broken

    So, all event broken, CSB, BG, ladder, MPD. And wings trial of course (i get to 100 long time ago, so i dont need it, but it dont work). I have some question about this.
    1. U plan to fix it, or ask screenshot again?
    2. How u plan to compensate it?
    3. U get the title for ladder to all players?

    Ollek, S9

  • #2
    Cross-server arena dont work too. I have some question about this.
    1. From wich place growth devs hands?

    Ollek, S9


    • #3
      Cross-server boss carnival dont work too. I have some question about this.
      1. Whats wrong with devs?

      Ollek, S9


      • #4
        To me they ask, not only for a screeshot but to make a video and upload it to youtube when i report dificulties in log with client thru facebook...
        Each day getting better...