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Bug with the Bounty quest

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  • Bug with the Bounty quest

    It happens randomly. When a quest is about doing Dungeons or killing mobs. You take the quest, game prompts you to specific dungeon, you do it BUT it doesn't count mobs or how many times you make the matter how many times you do it.
    It may happen today (as it happened to me & next may working normally. problem comes that can be frustrating, as when you try to do the 'good' ones for better rewards, you lose the quest as they can't be done...for at least a day or more....

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    I apologize for the late response. Can you please, provide documentation? Screenshots, or Videos. Thank you!
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      ok i know the problem hes having ... its not really a bug as it is just bad game mechanic

      the issue is when u receive a quest that requires 1-2 dungeon or kill 10 mobs it will default u into the highest non star dungeon u have unlocked
      the problem with this is if your say lvl 60 and you receive a bounty kill or dungeon quest and try to complete it doing a lvl 55 normal dungeon it will not count
      you have to complete the bounty with the highest lvl normal dungeon you unlocked or close too

      need to make sure you have the highest normal dungeon completed to attain credit for bounty quest
      can be a issue for some if they lvl quickly and not strong enough to clear their lvl range dungeon


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        need to update my response after mini update patch
        no longer can do non star ... but the same concept still applies
        need to do dungeon of your current lvl to get credit for bounty quest that require dungeon completion or monster kills


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          xxx-1 dungeon is disabled. You can enter dungeon screen from bounty selection, but ofcourse it is " Condition not satisfied " error.


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            when u enter from bounty selection it can put u into a dungeon that gives u no credit
            u have to make sure its the highest lvl dungeon as it will only count those
            thats why i said its game mechanic not a bug ... something u have to keep a eye on when doing those types of dungeons


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              worked Rinzlar, thanks