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Cant log into server 1

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  • Cant log into server 1

    Unable to log into server 1
    gives me a message saying.. fail to connect server, please check network status

    when i log into my server 4 character i have no problem logging in

    guess gona miss out on guild war today for server 1

  • #2
    You're not alone. My household can't log into S1 West either. We're currently in debate about quitting altogether unless this matter at least gets addressed soon. And mind you, we tried clearing browsers and switching to different ones. Same error message appears. I doubt its an unannounced maintenance matter.


    • #3
      have had same problem for most of the day today. Tried everything to get in, but server 1 is the only server I cannot get to load


      • #4
        ya sucks..
        thats where i spend all my money too ...

        was hoping to try my luck on getting the new hero but noticed while playing on server 4
        there is no new hero added .. all we got was a picture of her in the banner standing next to Apollo
        but least i can try to get a new artifact if i ever get in that is


        • #5
          can log in now ...
          not sure what happen but glad it fixed itself


          • #6
            Back on-line! Perhaps a server time zone issue? Either way, we're back in the game, thank goodness.


            • #7
              Thank you for the update stating the issue has been resolved. Happy gaming!
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