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New server Event - Rush to the top of the new ranking

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  • New server Event - Rush to the top of the new ranking

    Firestone Idle RPG has just opened a new server! Get a head start and rush to the top of the brand new rankings!(To switch to the new server, enter Setting in the top right corner in-game and select "Switch server".)

    Don't miss the new sever event!

    Event: During the event time, do your best to rush to the top of the rankings. When the event ends, players of specific ranking will get extra rewards.
    Event time: 7/31-8/4 UTC+0
    Category: Personal - Max Stage
    Rank 1: 5000 Gems & 15 Rare Chest
    Rank 2-10: 3000 Gems & 10 Rare Chest
    Rank 11-20: 2000 Gems & 5 Rare Chest

    R2Games Rank
    Rank 1-3: 4000 Gems
    Rank 4-10: 2000 Gems

    If you get stuck at 90% when loading the game, clear the browser cache or change to another browser and log in again. If there are still problems, please contact us by sending a ticket. Thank you

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    Hi, I was wondering if some confirmation could be made about when on 8/4 it ends, and the screen grabs for rewards will be taken? (e.g. in about an hour and twenty minutes?, or maybe at the end in about twenty-five hours and twenty minutes?)
    Also, if when tabulating rewards, confirmation can be obtained from the Holyday about any possible ongoing account checks? As here and there accounts have needed to be banned, and I'd rather not see a legitimate account miss out on a reward because of one either removed, or in the process of being removed.
    Thanks in advance.
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