Version 4.1.2

What's New:

* New hero: Hero Belien has been added to the game, you can unlock him after Iseris.

* Ancient Artifacts: More Ancient Artifacts have added into the game.

* Content: Added more trees to the following mechanisms, Exotic Merchant, Alchemist, and Library.

* Tree of Life: Expanded the guild and the personal tree of life and also the guild levels and guild perks.

* Awakening: Added more awakening options so you can finish faster when you have lots of Arcane Crystals.

* Character menu: The heroes are now clickable on the character menu. Once you click them you will preview the hero.

* Bugfix: We fixed the bug that the resource regeneration bonus of the Ancient Artifacts weren't working.

* Technical: Optimized the game a little bit more in order to use less memory and load a little faster.

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