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  • # troops needed for gathering

    It appears when I send out troops to gather I am only getting some of the resources. How do I know how many troops to send for a resource? Is there a standard # based on the resource level (1-5)?

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    When you first click on a resource node, it show you how many resources are available to be gathered.
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    When you click Gather, it opens a panel for you to select troops. For this node, you need enough troops to carry 247,500 worth of resources. Each unit can carry a certain amount of resources (you can view this in the in troop info in the barracks), plus any talents, research, equipment, exterior, or other bonuses. The Gather panel shows you how much the troops you've selected can carry, see below.

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    For me, for this node, with whatever it is I'm wearing right now, I would need 9073 T1 bows to gather 247,500 iron. That number changes if I change to a different troop type, or if I'm gathering a different level node, or if I change my gear, talents, exterior, etc.

    If you don't have a lot of troops, you want to gather from lower level nodes, as they take less troops, and you will need to send your troops back to that node when they are done to finish it off, but once you get more troops than you need to gather, the auto select button will set the proper number of troops for you.
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      Super - Thanks...I actually played around and figured that out, but your info is perfect! Thanks