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Small Castles - How to enter and take ownership?

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  • Small Castles - How to enter and take ownership?

    So during castle siege event I see where you can enter one (or more) or the large castles and take ownership. So what about the smaller castles, like PykE? They have buffs so I am assuming that I can enter and if I hold it against enemies I can control the castle?

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    The small castles aren't enabled. Last I heard, they weren't going to be made available for Castle Siege. Every time it's mentioned, the devs say they are looking into it, but they've been saying that for 2 years.
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      huh - well they mad a tiny step forward by enabling buffs i small castles - but tat appeared to be it.
      Thanks for info.


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        its a shame that the other castles arnt enabled its about time they pulled their fingers out these devs hahaha