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Soren 100% Extra Resourses

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  • Soren 100% Extra Resourses

    Hi Just a question

    I did a test on this to see if this worked - i ran a lvl 4 goldmine with soren to see if this was in fact correct and come accross wat may be an issue with the buff fertile harvest being active which gives an extra 10%

    lvl 4 Goldmine 472500
    With Soren another 472500
    Total - 945000
    So far so gud, this is where it gets a bit odd, so 10% added on due to fertile harvest would indicate and extra 94500 to be added.
    So the total that is recieved should have been 1039500, but only 992250 was received.

    Working this out, only 5% was added on and not the 10%

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    It's working as intended. They are two separate buffs that apply to what you gather. The amount you are gathering is 472500, and 10% is given for Fertile Harvest (47250), in addition to 100% given for Soren's Bountiful Harvest (472500), for a total of 992250.
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