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    it's not acceptable system.... if i cant play with my friends, transfer their server, why am i play? is this game for multiplayer??? maybe, but you dont play with your friends... you can delete my account... (no need answer, never checked...)

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    I am going to answer, for the next person who has the same concerns.

    You can play with your friends, but, your friends need to join you on your server if you started first, or you join them if you joined late. Anyone can move to any kingdom they want before they reach level 5, using the Novice Transfer scroll (personal inventory) the game gives you for free. Movement can only be done in a backward direction. For example, if you join on S500, and your friend joins on S501, your friend can move to S500 but you cannot move to S501.

    After level 5, a number of Transnational Relocation scrolls (Alliance Shop) can be used to move to any kingdom not currently under the 60 day new server protection. The number of scrolls is based on what your rank will be on the kingdom you are moving to. The relocation panel can be opened at any time by clicking the ground in a destination kingdom and clicking relocate, which will show you both your rank and the number of scrolls required. Anyone below rank 50 will only need 1 scroll.

    Another chance for a move comes with the return player event. I don't have specifics on hand, but I believe there's castle level requirements and you have to be offline for more than 30 days.

    And no, we cannot delete your account following a post on a community forum. If you are requiring your personally identifying information be removed from the account, you can contact support at and make a formal request.
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