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what causes you to lose power?

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  • what causes you to lose power?

    I know that loss of troops will cause you to lose power...but I just lost 21M power but I did not lose any troops. Is this a bug or is there something I may have done to cause that?
    Thanks in advance

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    2.1M power lose lol - forgot decimal point


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      this can be down to the merging of weapons - when you get a weapon it adds on the power (you dont see this visually on the screen) there values are - Green = 60k, Blue = 100k, Purple = 140k, and Gold = 200k

      So when you merge a weapon you will see an increase, but it will remove 2 weapons from your inventory for example if you merge 2 Green you will see 9K increase on screen, but the power of 111k will be removed adding up to the total 120k.

      Hope this makes sense


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        Let us know if ellislsd's explanation resolves your issue, Valentina.
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          ellisisd - Thank you...that does answer my question and is definately what occurred.