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X SERVER in server number 2 does NOT work

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  • X SERVER in server number 2 does NOT work

    i play both your servers i have same BR and lvl in BOTH servers 1 get in x server every 10 min , tops.... in server 2 i have NEVER gotten to battle i que 15 hours a day everyday server 1 working right... server 2 NOT worki
    server 2 doesnt work all lvl br waiting all things you said BUT still 1 battle in a whole week if you cant fix it i just go back to GTA and play my lvl 100 and start a new 1 there i wanted to play on R2 better game platform but i take lag over not playing at all

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    i spent 1000s with gta in past year you dont want it all good


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      Issue will be looked into.
      If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket


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        We have same problem on S1 as I am waiting over 15 mins mostly for a game where as some are getting in within 2 minutes!