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Feedback: X server (Honour Shop)

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  • Feedback: X server (Honour Shop)

    Yeah, this is just feedback about the honour shop... why is the daily spendable limit so low? It doesn't really make sense because the daily limit for healer pieces are 10... but the cost is 600 honour, which means you should be able to spend atleast 6000 honour. Yet the limit is 5000... and you can get quite a lot of honour from x server battles, i have so much honour I could be spending but the daily limit really... limits you. I think either the limit be increased (even to 6000 so atleast it makes a bit more sense) or the cost be lowered for items?

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    Daily spending limit increase as your VIP increase as well, once your VIP 1 it will be 6000.


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      i am vip 9 and i literally got more honor than i can spend daily... I would really like to have the limit increase as well. better yet, maybe unlimited?