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"Lovely" compensation..thanks for nothing

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  • "Lovely" compensation..thanks for nothing

    Was ranked 6 before this compensation ..i'm lvl 88 and i can do DW..everyone on my server can big players after compensation i am ranked 11 and there are at least 5 alts after me with points equal to mine .. which i haven't saw for some time.Would be great to take down the level requirement for last compensation .. to 80 or something like. I dont wanna lose my lvl 21 stone just coz they are lvl 90.Worked my *** for the points and others get more for free . Haven't got any 21 stone before..
    Impacty S238 Sleepywood Moor.

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    Ok nobody give a **** it seems.... keep waiting for me to donate . Sure it will happen.


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      I'm sorry, compensation has that effect sometimes. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about sliding down the rankings due to the issuance of compensation. Your feedback about this situation has been noted.
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