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  • FAQ and Level Access

    Beginner's questions
    Q: Can I transfer my character to another server?
    A: No. The game data cannot be transferred, you will start a new character on a new server

    Q: How can I change my nickname?
    A: You will claim a Rename Card in Level Up Gift when your Main character reaches level 40. Click the button next to your nickname on your avatar panel

    Q: Why can I be defeated by players whose BR are lower than mine?
    A: In this game, BR is just a rough indicator of strength, it doesn't guarantee you a win over someone with lower BR. It is very important to choose the right heroes, the right formation, etc, and improve them so that you get the most out of your squad. Then you may be even able to defeat players whose BR is higher than yours

    Q: Why do I lose a battle when I have more alive heroes than the opponent?
    A: A normal battle lasts for 30 turns. If you don't defeat all enemy heroes within 30 turns, you will be given a loss

    Q: I have been online for over an hour and I cant claim online gift. Why?
    A: The online gift starts counting the time spent online starting at 8AM server time and stops at midnight server time. So if you are online before 8AM it will not count for the event

    Q: Why do nicknames of players in the Arena and other areas have different colors?
    A: The player's nickname color depends on the Hero's Augment. Initially, the color is green. To get the color turned blue, you need to get 1 star. After a few stars, the color will turn purple. To raise the Augment star level, you need to use Stellar Stones

    Q: Is main character a hero?
    A: Main character is not regarded as a hero

    Q: Why can't I improve my main character level?
    A: When your main character reach the max level in the current version, you cannot continue to improve your MC level, but the EXP earned by your MC will be stored in the EXP pool for leveling up heroes

    Q: Why can a player release his ultimate skill at the first round?
    A: Empower your Mythic heroes to level 5 or Legendary heroes to level 7 will grants full rage for the first round

    Q: How should I deploy my formation?
    A: View the recommended formation in Gallery

    Q: What can I do with Rare Hero Souls since we can not buy anything in Temple Shop with those?
    A: You can convert Rare Hero Souls into Epic Hero Souls, Epic into Legendary, etc. To do this, open the Temple, click on Hero Soul icon and on the top left side of the window that opens you'll notice a tab called Convert Soul

    Q: Why do I only obtain a few BR in hero advance when unlocking stage bonus?
    A: Stage bonus effects only apply to the total Advance attributes bonus

    Q: What's the hero type of my Main character?
    A: Main character's hero type is determined by the Type of Divine Arma you equip

    Q: Why did I lose BR after upgrading equipment?
    A: Equipment have set bonuses (e.g.: Infinity set; Supremacy set). That means that if you equip a certain number of pieces of equipment of the same kind (2 for Legendary and 3 for Mythic) you get an additional bonus that will boost your BR. By upgrading a piece of equipment to a different set you have likely lost a set bonus which caused you to lose BR. Do not worry, you can get it back

    Q: Why can't I craft my equipment even if the red dot prompt indicate that I have enough materials?
    A: You can choose to craft a mythic equipment or legendary equipment, the red dot indicate that you have enough materials to craft a legendary one

    Q: Why can't I craft mythic equipment?
    A: If you have crafted the max level legendary equipment, you cannot continue to craft

    Q: Why can't I gain any BR when I activate or improve a relic?
    A: Please check the type of this relic, DEF and Support relics cannot provide any status for ATK and Heal heroes in your formation

    Q: Why can't I gain any BR when I advance a relic?
    A: You need to advance it to +3,+6,+9,+12,+15 to gain stage attributes

    Q: Why cant I equip my Relic for Relic skills in formation?
    A: Some Relic skills are permanent and don't require equipping to take effect. Other Relic skills can be set in formation and will only be active if equipped

    Q: Why I cannot find my companion after obtaining one?
    A: You can find it when you reach level 92 to unlock the Companion system

    Q: Will a deployed companion provide stats to all the team?
    A: No, it will add slot stats to your formation

    Q: Why can't I find protect feature?
    A: Protect feature will be unlocked when your main character reach level 110

    Q: Why can't I use my companion to protect?
    A:You have to level up your companions to required levels

    Mount and Wings
    Q: Why can't I obtain Thunder Rhino when I advance my mount to grade 12?
    A: You still need enough Thunder Rhino shards to unlocked it

    Q: Why can't I obtain Jungle Mammoth when I advance my mount to grade 14?
    A: You still need enough Jungle Mammoth shards to unlocked it

    Q: Why can't I obtain Steelforge Wings when I advance my wings to grade 12?
    A: You still need enough Steelforge Wings sigils to unlocked it

    Q: Why can't I obtain Wings of Morninglight when I advance my wings to grade 14?
    A: You still need enough Divine Providence to unlocked it

    Q: What is the cooldown after leaving the Guild before joining the new Guild?

    A: If you left the Guild, you can send a request to the new Guild after 24 hours have passed. If the leader kicked you out of the Guild, you will still have to wait 24 hours

    Q: How to raise the level of the Guild?
    A: To raise the level of the Guild, the Guild members must make contributions. From those, your Guild will gain experience. Each day, each participant can make several contributions. Try to make more expensive contributions to quickly raise the level of the Guild

    Q: Why can't I leave my Guild? Why can't I kick a member from my Guild?
    A: Leaving a Guild or kicking a player from the Guild isn't possible while Guild events are live, such as Guild Boss

    Q: I have not hit the guild boss yet, but I can not hit him. Why?
    A: At the start of guild boss you need to kill his clones, only one guild member can attack the clone at a time

    Q: I turned on the auto to fight the Guild Boss and walked away. When I returned, I saw that I did not take part in the event. Why?
    A: This happened because only one member of the guild can attack the boss minions at the same time. When your character ran to attack the minions someone was already in battle with it, so the auto-mode turned itself off. To prevent this from happening you can either wait until the minions are all dead then start your auto-mode or be at your PC to restart it

    Q: How can I see how many members another Guild have if I'm in a Guild?
    A: You cannot view this information from your own account. However, you can create an alternative account to check this

    Q: Guild members info says that Guild Leader is AFK for 7 days but we still can't impeach him/her why?
    A: In order to be able to Impeach the Guild Leader, 7 full days need to pass. That means you will be able to Impeach at the start of the 8th day

    Game features
    Q: How do I get points in Mystic Domain?
    A: Points are earned by challenging stages in Mystic Domain. Points per successful attempt are determined on the right panel. You can gain additional points by completing the corresponding requirements below the chest.

    Q: Why can't I participate x-server hero league even if I have met the requirements?
    A: You need to meet the requirements before the 1st day of the month
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    Level Access
    Main Character Level Available Functions
    8 Divine Arma
    13 Constellation
    14 Hero Recruit
    15 7-day Login
    16 Direct Shop
    17 Diamonds conversion
    Nobility Privileges
    18 Equipment
    20 Progression
    25 Friends
    30 Transfer
    Panel Events
    31 Guild
    32 Wings
    33 Stage
    40 Main Character Trial
    43 World Boss
    45 Equipment Craft
    Tree of Origin
    Activity & Weekly Quest
    47 Cycle Quest (Guild)
    48 Spirit Stone Trial
    50 Guild War
    52 Arena
    55 Reinforcement
    56 Hero Augment
    Staressence Realm
    60 Hero Trial
    63 Hero Advance
    Advance Trial
    65 Cycle Quest (EXP)
    66 Skill Trial
    69 Ritual
    70 Hero awaken
    Blessing realm
    Gold Leaf Treasury
    Angel Pass
    71 Equipment Refine
    Guild Boss
    72 Divine Arma Awaken
    Clairvoyance realm
    73 Gold Trial
    Mine Wars
    74 Cycle Quest (Gold)
    76 Equipment Augment
    Astral Field Realm
    80 Realm Assistant
    Wailing Gate
    81 Equipment Socket
    Gem Trial
    85 Hero Empower
    Hero League
    Castle Raiders
    90 X-Server Hero League
    92 Companion
    The Luminaries
    95 Hero Bless
    Hero Skin
    100 Arma Empower
    Relic Augment
    Mythic Domain
    Arma Aid
    Magic Circle
    102 Elite Tree of Origin
    Chess Hero
    110 Conquest Assistant
    Companion Protect
    150 Domain Assistant
    EXP Pool
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      I feel really dumb for asking this, but how do you un-deploy the heroes that you have deployed on your party? I haven't seen any tutorial for that in this game, and I can't see any youtube videos about it.


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        Originally posted by Shystarina View Post
        I feel really dumb for asking this, but how do you un-deploy the heroes that you have deployed on your party? I haven't seen any tutorial for that in this game, and I can't see any youtube videos about it.
        You need to drag a Different Hero from the formation screen to the hero you want to replace it's pretty simple really.


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          how and what can we redeem r2 points for?


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            Originally posted by Two_Moons View Post
            how and what can we redeem r2 points for?
            In the upper left corner on there is a small, round red icon with the R2 man on it. It's next to the wiggling calendar and gift box and below your R2 avatar.
            You can click on that red icon to go to to learn all about points.

            Click "Go Now" in the tile on the right that says "You can exchange the points for gift packs on the gift page.", which will take you to the exchange list

            On the exchange page, there's 2 tabs at the top. In the first tab, you can scroll through the list until you find the game you play and exchange your points for one of the gift packs (each is a one time purchase), or save them up and go to the second tab and use your points to buy one of the Premium games.

            A little more information about the Points page - There is a monthly pass, which will double the amount of points you receive. There's also some additional ways to earn points if you scroll down to the Explore tile.
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