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  • Got Banned

    Can someone tell me why did i got banned and if im the only one?

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    I have the same issue! please help!!


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      Just found an announcement on Discord about abusing a bug so people have been banned. My username is on the list however, I have no idea about a bug! Maybe take a look and see if you are on the list.


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        c’est sa un ban pour un bug systeme et apres demande on a pris 5 jour


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          The announcement from the team:

          Hello everyone.

          It has come to our attention that recently some players took advantage of a bug to obtain a large number of items. Therefore, for the sake of fairness, we will punish these players accordingly based on their abuse of the bug.

          Thank you for your understanding and support.

          League of Angels: Pact Team

          The list of names with the lengths of the bans is posted on our Discord server in the Announcements channel. If you cannot join Discord, you can let me know your character name and I will look at the list for you.
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            My in game name is Lase. It says I was banned for half a day. Then why can't I loginto game after 12 hours has past?